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Bombay, India

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Bombay Attractions

Bombay attractions are in a class of their own.  They boast breathtaking architecture and beauty and they stand as witnesses to the different periods of history India has endured.

Landmarks and Icons
The Gateway of India is among the most visited Bombay attractions.  It was constructed to celebrate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to India and the structure was completed in 1924. 

The Victoria Terminus is another important landmark among Bombay attractions.  It’s the site from where the steam train heading for Thane started its journey in 1853, and a World Heritage Sites. 

Mahalaxmi Temple is the oldest in the city of Bombay.  It sits proudly near the Malabar Hills in dedication to the goddess of wealth.  It’s one Bombay's attractions you definitely don’t want to miss. 

Most tourists begin their exploration with the shrine of Haji Ali.  This popular icon pays homage to the Muslim Saint who died as he traveled to Mecca.  It rises from the ocean a feature that makes it a most beautiful Bombay attraction.

Hard to miss is the impressive Rajabai clock Tower in the center of the University of Mumbai campus.  It’s a fine example of Venetian and gothic design and features exquisite stained glass windows.  It chimes a different tune every fifteen minutes.  What’s also interesting is its resemblance to England’s Big Ben.

Also a favorite of Bombay attractions is St. Thomas Cathedral.  It’s home of the British Anglican church.  Completed in 1676 it has stood throughout England’s presence in India.

Museums & Galleries
If you’re looking for outstanding exhibits in archaeology, history and art the Prince of Wales Museum is a must see of Bombay attractions.  It was also built to revere King George on his visit to the Country.  

Inside the Prince of William Museum is the Jehangir Art Gallery.  It’s not just any art venue.  Once you visit it you’ll agree that it’s the perfect choice to enjoy the works of renowned modern Indian artists.

Non-Historic Attractions
If you’re a nature lover you won’t want to miss the Sanjay Gandhi National Park.  This wildlife reserve is home to panthers, moose and antelopes to name a few. 

Tip:  Purchase tickets to go on board the park vehicles.  These will take you closer to families of lions and tigers. 

Tourists of all ages enjoy visiting the Taraposevala Aquarium.  It exhibits varieties of fish from seas and river environments.  If you see crowds around one of the tanks it’s because everyone’s gathering to view the famed orange butterfly fish.

And don’t miss the Hanging Gardens.  They’re located at the top of the Malabar Hills.  The landscaping comprises lovely animal shaped hedges, flower beds and fountains.  It’s one of the best spots for Romantics to enjoy the scenic sunsets over the Arabian Sea.    

If you’re traveling with children Juhu Beach will rank high among Bombay attractions.  They’ll have a great time going on the different rides.  They’ll also enjoy the array of treats sold inside the food tent.   

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