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Cancun, Mexico

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Cancun Overview

Many destinations offer a look back in time, but in Cancun, visitors have the opportunity to visit historical sites while enjoying the finest that any modern city has too offer.  This Mexican vacation spot is home to world-class shopping, quality dining, and limitless entertainment. 

Cancun has become one of the most visited destinations on the Yucatan Peninsula.  Perhaps it’s because it boasts sublime powdery white beaches with scenic views, or maybe it’s because it offers a plethora of sites from ancient civilizations.  There are many great reasons to visit Cancun.

Cancun has warm weather and though winters are somewhat cooler, it’s still attractive to those who come from colder northern climates.  It’s the perfect place to relax, to shop, and get pampered while enjoying good food and festivities.  It’s also a sublime destination if you love to scuba dive or snorkel.  It’s great for those who relish the adrenaline rush that jet skiing brings and it’s ideal if you’re looking to spend the day sailing or boating. 

Cancun is not just about water sports.  If you’re a nature enthusiast, you can visit Cancun’s protected preserves filled with unique flora and fauna.  At places like Park Nizuc, tourists can swim and play with well-trained dolphins and learn more about these intelligent creatures.     

In Cancun, you can visit remnants of what once were Maya Civilization cities.  The most visited of all are Ruinas Del Rey which date to 1250 to 1521 A.D. Visitors can also visit Cancun’s museums with exhibits of works by extraordinary Mexican and International artists, or browse through museums that display artifacts from centuries past. 
And if you’re in Cancun for the Independence Day celebrations, the Day of the Dead or any other commemorative date, you’ll see what celebrating really means.  Mexicans especially in Cancun love a good fiesta.  In the month of September for instance, visitors can enjoy hundreds of events that include concerts, crafts demonstrations and folkloric dances. 

It would be a great loss to visit Cancun and not tour the selection of shopping venues offered here.  The number of malls is simply impressive.  Not only do they carry the latest fashion, but they feature superb establishments that sell arts and crafts from all around Mexico.  In Cancun, you also save money.  With duty free shops you can buy imported cosmetics, perfumes, liqueurs, crystal and leather wear at amazing prices.  And at the markets, you can find bargains and haggle to pay even less.  They stock paintings, jewelry, wood sculptures, colorful textiles, sombreros and pottery.     

Excellent dining is another reason why travelers choose Cancun as their vacation destination.  In Cancun, you can be romantic and dine in candle lit cabanas at the edge of the ocean.  Or you can take the children to a family style restaurant.  Cancun abounds in eateries from all corners of the globe and is said to suit every budget.  In Cancun, you’ll find the freshest seafood and most amazing traditional Mexican cuisine. 

Cancun allows you to gaze into the past and savor the present.         



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