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Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Chicago Dining


Right off Clark Street in Chicago, M. Henry is a great, child-friendly brunch choice. Most of its dishes are vegetarian, but popular non-vegetarian meals, such as candied apple wood bacon, are also served. The servers are friendly and happy to make suggestions off the menu. The restaurant itself is cozy, and uses vintage doors and windows to divide the rooms.

Its selection of coffees and hot chocolate are made with gourmet ingredients. We recommend the hot chocolate with Belgian chocolate and homemade marshmallows. Omelets can be made any way you’d like and include only the freshest ingredients. If you have a sweet tooth, be sure to order the Dulce Banana Rumba French toast or the breakfast bread pudding.

Ballpark’s Best

The best food in a baseball town is hot dogs, and the best hot dogs in Chicago are at Hot Dougs. Give yourself plenty of time for this stop because the line is always out the door. There are 20 different hot dog creations to choose, and we recommend going on Friday or Saturday when they serve their famous fries in duck fat. Doug works behind the counter, making sure each gourmet hot dog is just the way you want it. Hot dogs range from traditional to gourmet (e.g. Spicy Smoked Alligator Sausage with Cajun Remoulade and blue cheese).

Tips: It’s cash only. They also close at 4 p.m. so be sure to get in line early. Plus, the restaurant shuts down for two weeks during the year when Doug takes vacation. Check the website in advance of your stop for closing dates.

Special Night on the Town

For a romantic dinner, make reservations at Alinea Restaurant LLC. There are two types of menus—the 12-course and 24-course. It will take a few hours to get through all the courses and wine pairings, but the gourmet food is prepared in creative and unusual ways. The menu encourages you to use all your senses when eating.

The staff is happy to suggest wine pairings and explain the food presented. The restaurant itself is very minimalist, instead dedicating its efforts to food presentation.

French Fare

Bistro Campagne is a great French restaurant with wonderful outdoor seating. Right in Lincoln Square, the bistro is very cozy and a good place to have some wine and cheese before a night out on the town. If you’re traveling to Chicago in the winter and want to keep warm, ask to sit in the heated tent with the fireplace. This is the perfect place for a romantic evening or even a first date. There is a musician who travels from table-to-table, and the servers are friendly and eager to please.

Succulent Sushi

For the sushi lover, make reservations at Kaze Sushi for an interesting take on sushi and soups. Try their sweet potato soup, the nigiri. For dessert, order the black sesame and green tea flan. They even serve bison salad and seared bison as an appetizer.

The atmosphere is welcoming and romantic with dimmed lights and white sheets that blow in the breeze from the outdoor patio.

Hotel Hotspots

Chicago hotels will also offer you some good cuisine. Examples include Wave, a wonderful hotel restaurant, or the well-known Grill on the Alley.

No hotels available.

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