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Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA

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Cocoa Beach Overview

It’s time you discovered Cocoa Beach.  This amazing town on the east coast of Florida offers a plethora of leisure activities not to mention an out of this world experience.  In Cocoa Beach, tourists can hob knob with the rich and famous or watch a space shuttle launch.  And in Cocoa Beach, outdoor lovers can enjoy everything from eco-tours to all sorts of water-related fun.  You’ll find some of the best surfing anywhere, as well as the finest dining in the state and shops that stay open 24 hours a day. 

Cocoa Beach is a great vacation destination for the entire family.  It offers much to do and see, or, if you prefer, you can just pick a spot on a white sandy beach and do nothing at all.  It’s regarded as one of the most affordable places to visit and it’s ideal any time of the year.  It’s perhaps the “stress-free” capital of America.  You don’t even have to worry about getting around.  The town offers a diesel-powered trolley that takes visitors up and down the coast. 

Cocoa Beach sits on a barrier island with the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Banana River to the west.  It’s also famous for being part of the “Space Coast” which is home to the Kennedy Space Center.  You can even watch a rocket launch while sitting on the beach.  Or you can join in the parades that take place in honor of the astronauts.  And if you’re into star gazing, you won’t want to miss the planetarium’s observatory.   

This beautiful town is certainly ideal for nature lovers.  Organized eco-tours guarantee the opportunity for anyone to see Florida’s wildlife up close.  There’s everything from alligators to manatees, from pelicans to bald eagles.   

But Cocoa Beach has also been nicknamed “the small wave capital of the world.”  It’s the perfect place for surfing whether you’re skilled in the sport or just beginning.  The annual surfing festival brings champions and tourists from around the globe and if you feel like giving it a try for the first time there are venues that offer classes. 

If you happen to be visiting during Labor Day, you’ll meet professional surfers, and you’ll get to enjoy live bands, concerts and all types of food. 

Cocoa Beach is also superb for golfing all year round.  The Country Club for instance has unique fairways featuring challenging Greens.  

And any season is great for fishing.  In fall and winter, there’s bluefish, Spanish mackerel and bottom fish to be caught.  While in spring and summer, the waters of the Atlantic are filled with redfish, snook and snapper.  Shops around town provide rod and reel rentals and visitors don’t have to worry about getting a fishing license. 

For dining, this town is home to some fine gourmet food.  Many of the restaurants are frequented by astronauts and locals who enjoy Florida’s fresh seafood.  And although there are upscale eateries most provide relaxed island style ambience. 

Even though it’s small, Cocoa Beach is big on fun. 


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