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Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

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Honolulu Overview

On the southeastern coast of the Island of Oahu sits a beautiful destination known as Honolulu. Warm, sunny days and temperate winters make it the perfect place to vacation any time of the year. Its contrasting landscape makes it unique. Its rich heritage is the reason several of its sites have been included in the National Register of Historic Places. And if there was a registry for best shopping and entertainment, Honolulu would certainly make the list.

Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii and the most visited city of the islands. This fabulous vacationer’s paradise attracts romantics and honeymooners alike. Honolulu is for nature lovers, sun worshippers and those in need of serious retail therapy. The magnificent cuisine of Honolulu has pleased even the most discriminating of critics.

Honolulu’s interesting landmarks are spread through its many diverse districts. The downtown section is known for unique and modern architecture. The Aloha Tower once the tallest building of Hawaii is one of the most important icons of the United States. Like the Statue of Liberty on New York Harbor, this lighthouse has seen its share of immigrants’ arrivals.

The arts district is another fun section of Honolulu. It’s filled with galleries and historic centers including the Honolulu state Capitol, City Hall, State Library and the famous Iolani Palace. This is the only palace ever used as a residence by a Monarch in the United States.

A visit to Honolulu would not be complete without a stroll down Kak’ako. It’s a shopper’s area. Visitors will find every major department store, malls and important universities.

And of course there’s the world renowned Waikiki with its magnificent beaches. This district of Honolulu attracts millions of sun worshippers and honeymooners a year.

Another section of Honolulu that brings large numbers of visitors a year is Nu’uanu and Pauoa. This upper class residential section of the city is home to the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. The site honors the men and women of the U.S Armed Forces who served in World War I, Korea and Vietnam.

The State of Hawaii welcomes lovers of the arts. This is reflected in the support given to cultural institutions like the Honolulu Symphony, which is one of the oldest orchestras in the Country. Visitors can enjoy an evening at the city opera, theater, or Honolulu’s concert hall. There’s always a cultural event going on.

Important galleries and museums throughout Honolulu house collections of Asian, Western and Hawaiian art. The Bishop Museum is a must for tourists as it’s endowed with the largest number of natural history displays. It’s also home to Hawaiian and Pacific cultural artifacts.

Beautiful scenery merits touring all sections of Honolulu. The east coast cliffs were formed millions of years ago. Today they’re the perfect place from where to do whale-watching and surfing.

Honolulu is a destination that encompasses everything from romance to adventure.

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