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Las Vegas

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Las Vegas Overview

Las Vegas, Nevada, is a fantasyland unlike any other.

Rising up from the desert over a century ago, the city of lights and action hosts famous shows, world-class golf and spa resorts, top-rated cuisine, 5-star hotels, and of course the thrill of the casinos.

Stroll down the Strip, and you'll find something for everybody. Vegas hosts more than 39.2 million visitors each year who tour the Strip, fill the nightclubs and take their chances at hitting it big at the casinos.

Las Vegas is also known for the many drive-through wedding chapels. Hundreds of thousands of marriages are performed there every year.

Watch a volcano erupt outside the Mirage, experience the water symphony and fountain show at the Bellagio, or be serenaded through a gondola ride at the Venetian (be sure to look up at the intricately painted ceiling). Don’t forget to take a ride up to the Eiffel Tower observation deck where a panorama of the city unfolds itself for miles.

If you plan to spend your vacation shopping, make sure you visit the Forum Shops next to Caesars Palace. Here, you can window shop hundreds of boutiques and experience fine dining all in one place. Then, when night falls, visit at least one of the six clubs located inside Caesars Palace. Clubs range from sophisticated jazz lounges to lively outdoor venues.

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