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London, United Kingdom

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London Attractions

London Eye Flight, which attracts more than 3.5 million visitors annually, lifts visitors high enough above the earth where they can see up to 40 kilometers in every direction, giving you the ultimate view of London like nothing else. Just the construction of the London Eye is magnificent, with its Ferris wheel-like appearance, originally meant to symbolize the turn of the century. Check this out and you’ll remember it for the rest of your life.

The Historic Royal palaces are five historic centerpieces that are maintained today in an effort to teach visitors about the foundations and history that has shaped London, and even the world, today. With shows and tours being offered, visitors can walk through these different palaces, which are the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, Banquetting House, Kensington Palace, and Kew Palace. Gain insight as to how royalty lived and made decisions that shaped history, in addition to the restoration techniques used to keep these palaces open to the public.

The London Dungeons takes visitors into what used to be the scariest area in London years back. Take tours, go on two different rides and watch live actors demonstrate what it was like to be a dungeon prisoner in the darker times of London. This is the unique sort of experience that you just have to see while in London because the stories you will bring home will be priceless. This hour and a half dungeon experience will leave you amazed.

The London Zoo is dedicated to preserving animal habitats around the world. This zoo that brings visitors stunning exhibits like Gorilla Kingdom, Butterfly Paradise, Butterfly Paradise and Meet the Monkeys. The zoo also comes complete with an aquarium, which displays a variety of fascinating and often endangered species in an effort to preserve their existence by studying them in their habitats. If you like animals, this is your place to go to learn about wildlife and see everything in action.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater takes you through a tour of Shakespeare’s life, giving insight as to his daily life and how he wrote his plays by bringing you to his actual theaters. With refurbished structural aspects, this is your opportunity to see the history of the theater and scope out actual costumes worn in plays and compare them to the modern show. The historical significance of the Globe is magnificent in the role it has played to modern entertainment. You need to stop by here before leaving London; after all it is Shakespeare, right?
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