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London, United Kingdom

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London Hotels

London hotels come in all shapes and sizes.  They can be luxurious, extravagantly opulent, chic or simply charming.  They’re ideal for a family on a budget or a couple looking to splurge.  London hotels are well situated near major attractions, theaters, and restaurants and shopping.  And if you opt for one of the London hotels located in the suburbs, fret not, for London hotels are always close to all means of transportation.   

If all you’re looking for is a place to rest after a day of sightseeing or business meeting, the Rembrandt Hotel is an excellent choice among boutique style London hotels.  It’s within minutes from the Natural History Museum, the Royal Albert Hall, Hyde Park and Harrods.  And if you want to pop in to see where the queen lives, Buckingham Palace is within driving distance.     

But if you’re in search of a place with character and charm, the Beaufort Knightsbridge will not disappoint.  It sits in a quiet cul-de-sac away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  It’s also among the list of London hotels suitable for anyone attending conferences in the business center or looking to indulge in retail therapy.  You can walk to Harrods and the superb eateries of Beauchamp. 

Another fine example of London hotels with personality is The Portobello in Nottingham Hill.  Aside from attracting celebrities, it brings visitors who enjoy the out-of-the ordinary.  The guest rooms can be small or superbly spacious.  If you like to hunt for treasures, you’ll like the fact that it’s next to the Portobello Market.  And best of all, if you crave breakfast at 3:00 a.m., it’s okay with the cook. 

However, if you’re in London with your significant other and hoping for a romantic getaway, consider The Goring.  It’s one of the top notch London hotels and the last Edwardian lodge to be built.  Each suite has been individually designed keeping with British traditions.  Guests can spend mornings taking a stroll around the beautiful gardens or delighting in   afternoon tea on the veranda.  
Miller’s Residence should also be on the list of idyllic London hotels.  Once you see it, you’ll understand why.  Aside from its unbelievable collection of antiques, every room has been decorated to pay homage to a Romance poet.  Opt for the Keats or Browning bedrooms, for instance, and you’ll be surrounded by exquisite furnishings and a surreal environment. 

London hotels can also be unusual.  The Zetter is a prime example.  It’s not everyday that you find items like hot water bottles, disposable cameras or miniature champagne bottles amidst the array of amenities.  And instead of room service, there are well- stocked vending machines on every floor.  So if you find yourself in the mood for a midnight snack, you know where to go.     

Some London hotels will leave you speechless.  The Royal Lancaster is certainly one of them.  It not only offers the most breathtaking vistas of Hyde Park but incomparable elegance.  With all around double-glazed windows, ultra-comfortable beds, top of the line linens and spacious bathrooms it’s certain you won’t just stay here once.             

You probably never thought that London hotels could also be haunted.  The Georgian House, constructed in 1851, is said to be the favorite spot of “former visitors who refuse to leave.”  Despite its reputation for ghostly occurrences, it offers white glove service all the way.  Visitors are privy to a lavish English breakfast, as well as traditional High Tea.    
London hotels are full of surprises.


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