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Los Angeles, California, USA

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Los Angeles Dining

In a city where the A-list patrons love to be pampered, dining is a Los Angeles event, and the food can’t disappoint. It doesn’t. In fact it’s so famous that you’ll find a few of the celebrities behind the kitchen door.

Pink's Hot Dogs
Pink’s Hot Dogs – a Hollywood legend since 1939—offers award winning chili dogs to tourists, celebrities, late-night bar hoppers, and local hot dog lovers. All wait in the famously long line that wraps around the Pinks’ stand at 709 N La Brea Avenue for any combination of hot dogs, burgers, onion rings and French fries. The Chili Dog is award winning, but our vote goes to the Ozzy Spice Dog, topped with both nacho and American cheese, grilled onions, guacamole, and chopped tomatoes. Bring the antacids, Pink’s is worth the indigestion.

Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles
The list goes on for famous LA dives, including Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles (1514 N Glower St). Immortalized in Pulp Fiction and Swingers, this greasy landmark is heaven for breakfast lovers. Not for the cholesterol lowering crowd, Roscoe’s offers their breakfast-food menu around the clock. Try the chicken and waffles, of course, but we also recommend Big Mama’s Special. The scrambled eggs, cheese and onions are amazing, and if you’re lucky Big Mama will serve them to you herself! Tip: Tight on space, this diner gets overcrowded during brunch and weekend nights. Try early evening during the week for less wait and more elbow room.

Dresden Room
Step back in time as you enter the Dresden Room (1760 N Vermont Ave), where the1960s are still alive and well. The last of the traditional swank of Coconut Grove remains in this restaurant and lounge. Choose the retro dining room for its white booths, tall ceilings and low lighting. You’ll find superb Italian cuisine for reasonable prices. After dinner, head over to the “dark side” where notes from within the cavernous, dimly lit bar will entice you. Sip dirty martinis or the favorite “Blood and Sand” drink while listening to entertainment provided by Marty and Elaine (catch them every night from 9-1am). These jazz singers, performing at the Dresden since 1982, are celebrities in their own right. The Dresden room is a place to see and be seen for a smaller bill than you’d expect.

Mastro's Steakhouse

The food at Mastro’s Steakhouse (246 N Canon Dr) may outweigh the retro ambiance, both in the masculine lower-level dining room and the swanky upper level piano bar. Think Rat Pack and steak and you’ve got the picture. The extensive wine list may impress some, but the most impressive to most diners will be the enormous entrée portions. From the porterhouse, to the bone-in filet and the Kansas City strip, you simply can’t make a bad choice. Try the shrimp cocktail appetizer, its dry ice presentation is sure to please the aesthetic eye.

Tip: To combine entertainment with your meal, request (or reserve) second floor seating where you’ll find the musicians and dining celebrities.



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