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Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Montreal Attractions

The Montréal Insectarium is a place where big hunters and collectors, and people who are just interested in looking at bugs build their knowledge (and arsenal of supplies) to observe and even capture some of nature’s most beautiful creatures. It’s alright if you don’t actually collect them, but be sure to check this place out as it offers a range of interesting and quirky displays such as live insect collections and scale dioramas. There is a gift shop that offers products such as “insect suckers,” which are lollipops with actual bugs inside them. This is a great family place for people of all ages, and has many great photo opportunities to build up your family albums.

Canadian Centre for Architecture is the place to go if you ever find yourself admiring the shape and size of buildings as you drive by, or even if you just have an interest in architecture as a field. This magnificently designed building is a site in and of itself, let alone what lies within. Come learn about the history of architecture as well as the history of the area. Tour guides are available and they have a variety of films and exhibitions as well.

The Centre d'histoire de Montréal is a history museum that enlightens visitors of the near 500-year-long history of Montreal. With an assortment of virtual exhibitions that take you around the city, among a variety of other historical artifacts, this museum is constantly exploring traveling exhibits to incorporate into its collection to give visitors a new experience from year to year.

Environment Canada's Biosphère is the place to go to learn about today’s global environmental issues firsthand by experiencing its displays and ever-changing exhibitions. It’s a great family destination because not only is it interesting, but admission is free those aged 17 or under. With the energy problems of today, this is the perfect place to take an active interest from an international perspective on what we need to work on and how to do it.

The Granby Zoo and Amazoo Water Park is one of the top 10 zoos in North America, boasting over 1,000 different animals to bring visitor up close and personal with creatures we only usually see in movies. With tigers, giraffe’s, birds and other animal your heart desires to see, the park also provides the largest wave pool in Quebec and a lazy river, all meant to emulate the style of the Amazon river. The zoo is closed October and November, but is otherwise your go-to place for some non-traditional fun and memorable experiences. Come with a family, a couple or even by yourself.
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