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New York, New York, USA

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New York Overview

If you've ever been to New York City, you know it has sights hard to be forgotten. From a stunning skyline to classic landmarks and hidden gems along the many city streets, there is something for every person to explore.

National Landmarks

Sail over to the Statue of Liberty and surrounding park to see this gift of friendship between the United States and France up close. Take a ride up to the Empire State Building Observatory for views of the city from sky level as far as the eye can see. Looking for similar views on land? Cross one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States, the Brooklyn Bridge, and gaze up from either side to see the cityscape. Continue across and spend some time in Brooklyn before crossing the bridge (and East River) back into Manhattan.

For those looking for a landmark of more historic significant, the newest New York City memorial, honoring the victims of 9/11, is truly a sight to see. Be sure to reserve your passes for a chance to view the two breath-taking pools of never-ending waterfalls.

City Parks, Beaches and Famous Places

For those looking for a more leisurely stroll, a place for a picnic, or a more casual atmosphere to get away from city sounds, New York's city parks and beaches have much to offer.
Walk through Central Park, located in the center of Manhattan, and take in monuments, sculptures and artwork including the famous Strawberry Fields Imagine mosaic.
Then travel south toward Battery Park-the location you will need to catch a ferry to in order to visit the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island-and view Castle Clinton, a military fort built prior to the War of 1812.

Looking for a beach getaway near the city? Hop on the Subway, and take it all the way to Coney Island beach and boardwalk. When you're ready to return to the vibrant city life, there's always the hustle, bustle and shining lights of Times Square.

Museums and More

Nothing if not cultured, New York City has some of the best museums in the country, with something for every member of your family.
For fans of the arts, you'll want to check out the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) for floors of the world's best. Explore everything from contemporary, to modern, to abstract.
Fans of animals old and new will love the American Museum of Natural History for its impressive collection of biological facts and artifacts.
For your familial green thumb, the gorgeous Brooklyn Botanical Garden is ready for your visit any day of the year.

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