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Panama City, Florida, USA

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Panama City Overview

The vote is in and visitors have concluded that Panama City is the ideal vacation destination.  Perhaps it’s because it offers an amazing array of activities for every age.  But critics say it’s because it has one of the most beautiful beaches in the United States and in the world. 

Panama City is small town charm graced with white sandy beaches and the magnificence of pristine gem-stone color waters.  It’s no wonder they call it the “emerald coast.”  It’s located in the northwest section of the state of Florida, on the Bay of St. Andrews and the Gulf of Mexico.  This advantageous location makes it ideal for enjoying every water sport under the sun. 

Panama City boasts excellent weather and is especially attractive between the months of March through October.  Winter tends to be somewhat chillier but the waters of the Gulf remain warm.  Because several restaurants and resorts close during the winter season, tourists can enjoy great values at the places that remain open. 

Panama City has special events, excursions and all types of activities.  But visitors have to be aware that its serene and tranquil surroundings might encourage one to simply relax and take in the rays.  And with so many spas in the area, one might be tempted to spend the day getting pampered. 

Those who have been to this part of the panhandle also say that the golf courses are among the best in the nation.  At Dunes Bay for example, players can tee off on any of the courses.  For better enjoyment, these have been divided into sections in order to accommodate all levels of abilities. 

Scuba divers will find Panama City a dream for underwater exploration.  After all, it has also been nick-named “wreck capital of the south.”  Apart from artificial and natural reefs, it offers a large number of attractions like a World War II tug, the Liberty Ship, a coastal freighter and the famous Gulf Mica.  These sites are excellent breeding grounds for a variety of marine life.  The best time to enjoy the waters is between the months of April through September.  

Panama City’s restaurants are said to be the best in Florida.  And the region itself ranks as being “the seafood capital of the world.”  So it’s not surprising to find a vast number of eateries along the scenic coast serving the freshest catch of the day.  But if seafood is not your favorite thing, there’s always a selection of premium beef on almost all menus.  There’s also an amazing array of award winning steakhouses. 

In order to delight your other senses, Panama City is home to an outstanding collection of galleries.  These unique venues allow you opportunities to appreciate the works of local and regional artists.  There aren’t too many travelers who can resist purchasing a piece or two to bring back home.  And if visiting museums is more to your liking, you’ll find that there’s something for every interest.

Beware of the allure of Panama City. 



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