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Paris, France

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Paris Attractions

If you want to visit a city full of attractions, romantic sites, amazing architecture, superb museums as well as breathtaking gardens, make your reservations and come to Paris.

A trip to Paris would not be complete without a visit to the most recognized of Paris attractions, the Eiffel Tower; it’s a testimony to great architecture. Visitors can partake of the most amazing panoramic views of Paris from the observation points in the tower.

Another landmark of Paris attractions is Notre Dame, a gothic cathedral, currently serving as the seat of the Archbishop of Paris. It’s also of architectural importance given the fact that it was the first structure in the world to utilize exterior supports in the shape of arches.

The Arc De Triomphe is also one of the most recognized Paris attractions worldwide. It was erected to honor those who fought for France. At the bottom of the monument, you’ll see the tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

In the section of town known as Montmartre, visitors can appreciate the Church of the Sacred Heart, seen from most places in the city, and surrounded by many cafes; in between Paris attractions, visitors can watch young Parisian artists at work, while sipping on café au lait.

If you’re craving for great art, Paris is the place to be, and the Louvre Museum is a must; it’s one of the most visited Paris attractions. The museum is housed inside the Louvre Palace, once a fortress in the 12th century. Visitors can enjoy almost 200,000 square feet of art and antiquities.

For lovers of impressionist art, a trip to the Musee de’ Orsay is a must. Here, you can marvel in the works of famous painters like Monet, Renoir, Cezanne and more.

Tip: A trip to the museums’ gift shops is a must. You can purchase beautiful books containing most of the works seen in the museums or perhaps displays you didn’t get to see.

Do not miss important cultural icons like the Paris Opera or the many other interesting museums; there’s a Paris attraction to suit every interest.

Parks and Avenues
Paris is a city of great beauty, graced by well-kept green areas and magnificent parks. One of the most famous Paris attractions is the Tuileries Gardens, outside the Tuileries Palace, former home of King Louis XIV. The gardens, surrounded by the Louvre, Place de la Concorde and Rue de Rivoli, boast a beautiful fountain, topiaries and colorful flowers. The park’s design is truly unique.

Place de la Concorde, always portrayed in movies, is truly unique in person. It’s located at the head of the beautiful Avenue Champs Elysees, and built as the site for the feared guillotine. The Egyptian obelisk in the center is the oldest monument. Important buildings sit to either side, the Naval Ministry and the very plush Hotel De Crillon.

Paris attractions take on a different look when seen at night; visitors will agree that Paris is not just an ordinary city, it’s an unbelievable place.
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