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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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Philadelphia Attractions

When you visit Philadelphia, you’ll get the feeling that you’ve stepped back in history. You’ll witness magnificent historical sites as well as breathtaking architecture from centuries past. Then you’ll see the awesome skyscrapers and realize that Philadelphia is a plethora of contrasts and an amazing place to explore.

The Independence National History Park is home to the most important Philadelphia attractions. It’s home to icons associated with the American Revolution. Of these landmarks, Independence Hall is the most important of all Philadelphia attractions. It’s also of outmost importance in the history of the United States. It’s here where the Declaration of Independence and the U.S Constitution were signed. The building was built in 1753 and now serves as the Pennsylvania State House.

Another important Philadelphia attraction is the Liberty Bell. It’s a symbol more than anything. It rang for the first time on July 8, 1776. It rang for Philadelphia citizens to gather for the reading of the Declaration of Independence.

Outstanding Philadelphia attractions include the homes of important personalities such as the writer Edgar Allan Poe and Betsy Ross. Betsy Ross created the first American Flag in her house.

Museums and Galleries
The Philadelphia Museum of Art is a crucial icon of the city’s cultural heritage. Its 200 galleries display the works of artists from several continents and cultures. With 400,000 exhibits, it’s the largest in the United States. You’ll recognize the entrance steps from the movie “Rocky.”

Memorial Hall, which is recognized by its impressive copper dome, is a must see of Philadelphia attractions. It was built in 1875. It got its start as a small art gallery. It was the venue of America’s Centennial festivities.

Science buffs should not miss the Benjamin Franklin Institute. At the forefront of scientific research, it’s listed as one of the best museums in the Country.

Other fine Philadelphia attractions include the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the Rodin Museum. The latter houses the biggest collection of the artist’s works outside of France. There’s also a Museum of American Jewish History. It’s one of the most visited in the city.

Another unique Philadelphia attraction is the U.S Mint. It’s here where you can witness the process by which currency is made. You can also browse through the displays of coins and medals as well as artifacts relating the history of U.S currency.

Tip: Reservations are recommended for the hourly shows. You’ll enjoy the demonstration from an enclosed gallery.

Churches and Cathedrals
Don’t miss the architectural magnificence of the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul. It was built in 1864 in Italian Renaissance style. It serves the largest catholic population in North America.

St. John’s Evangelical Church is another of Philadelphia attractions that boast unique architectural style. It was built in 1830. It’s of historical value as a place of remembrance for St. John Neumann. He was a trendsetting priest and 4th Archbishop of the city. The National Shrine in the church acts as his resting place.
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