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Phoenix, Arizona, USA

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Phoenix Dining

Phoenix brings you an array of flavors from numerous surrounding cultures. The fact that it’s close to Mexico allows you the opportunity for savoring regional and authentic dishes of that country. Immigrant communities throughout the years have also contributed to changing the taste of dining in Phoenix. They have added to its quality and have made it even more unique.

Picture yourself watching the sunset from your table as you dine on superb cuisines. This is the nature of dining in Phoenix. And if you’re looking for romance, Farm at South Mountain is a great choice. Outdoor seating will give you the best vistas. Enjoy juicy steaks seasoned with spices indigent of the Sonora desert region. The wine list is simply as spectacular as the scenery.

Kai at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort is another must. Its elegant ambience and fabulous American cuisine will provide you with a memorable dining in Phoenix experience. The filet Mignon tops the list of favorites. Salmon is always fresh and prepared with secret Navajo spices. It’s somewhat pricey but worth it.

And if you’re looking forward to that South of the Border cuisine, don’t miss Barrio Café (Neighborhood Café). Don’t let the name fool you. Its chic décor goes well with the selection of home made specialties. The chimichangas and seafood quesadillas are to die for.

For more elegance and fine dining in Phoenix, head out to Vincent Market Bistro. This fabulous restaurant will give you the opportunity to savor Southwestern American gastronomy. The short ribs on potato puree are divine. The meat is so tender it just falls off the bone.

Tip: Leave room for home made chocolate brownies and of course fried ice cream with baked cinnamon bananas. You won’t complain about the extra calories.

Phoenix has some of the best eateries offering a hearty breakfast. A stack of blueberry pancakes or sweet corn muffins will get you ready for an activity-filled day. The Wildflower Bread Company is the ideal start. Don’t miss the huevos rancheros (ranch style eggs). This is another aspect of the quality of dining in Phoenix.

For amazing tastes of the Caribbean, Havana Café is a must. Everyone likes the stewed shredded beef served with yucca and sweet plantains. Ask for the table-side preparation of guacacamole salad.

And if you’re in the mood for mouthwatering steaks, Durant’s will satisfy the craving. Porterhouse and New York strip top the list of tender fillets. The most ordered side dish is the baked potato with sour cream and chives. You’ll be happy when you get the check. The prices are very reasonable.

Don’t leave Phoenix without a meal at Pepe’s Taco Villa. The chile relleno and tacos have the locals lining up for a table.

But if you prefer a different type of food there’s Cibo. They serve traditional Italian pastas dishes. The pizza is said to be among the best in the city.

You don’t have to worry. In Phoenix every palate finds its favorite spot.

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