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Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

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Punta Cana Shopping

Every hotel and resort boasts a selection of boutiques selling regional arts and crafts as well as clothing and jewelry. Vendors usually bring their merchandise around so that visitors don’t have to leave their accommodations. However, you’ll find that the outdoor street shops made of blue tarps on wooden frames are a lot of fun. You can negotiate the price on everything. One important recommendation is not to shop at the hotel until you’ve checked out everything else.

Punta Cana shopping offers colorful paintings of beautiful beach scenes, crowds and authentic Taino designs. Paintings of Taino art are usually replicas of works seen on cave walls. Other musts in Punta Cana shopping include wood carvings, jewelry, cigars and rum.

Amber and Larimar are indigenous gemstones of the island. Larimar is an opaque blue stone. Amber is a fossilized resin that can only be found in two parts of the world. Dominican Republic is one of them.

Punta Cana shopping also relates the beliefs and lifestyle of the Taino Indians. Wooden statues and sculptures representing fertility and happiness are traditional icons. Animals and people carved in wood are also big selling items.

Resort Shopping
Resort shops offer everything you could possibly want from stylish swimwear to sunscreen.

Cameleon is an example of a fine shop. They have a large selection of Amber and Larimar jewelry along with Dominican coffee, and Merengue CDs.

Golf Boutiques are great places to stock up on everything you need to become a pro on the golf course. With the advantageous currency rates, you could get a nice set of golf clubs at a great price.

Flea Market
The Beach Flea Market is lots of fun and great for Punta Cana shopping. Traditional Taino wooden idols and paintings are sold at most stalls. T-shirts and handicrafts are plentiful and cheap. Make sure to negotiate on the price.

Tiendas are small shops found at the end of the beach area. It’s somewhat of a tourist trap but nonetheless an ideal place for finding fabulous souvenirs and crafts. You can find a stall or two offering island resort wear, sandals and imitation designer name sunglasses.

Other Shopping Areas
Columbus Plaza is the largest supermarket style shop. It’s ideal for buying Dominican coffee, Rum, jams even gifts and artifacts.

For a fun day of Punta Cana shopping, don’t miss Ocean Blue shopping area. It’s filled with souvenir and gift buying opportunities. You’ll even get to see some of the local artists creating a work of art.

Caribbean Street is a plethora of jewelry shops and boutiques. The most popular store in this area is La Marina offering upscale regional crafts as well as imported gifts. They carry a fine line of swimsuits and beach footwear.

And you can’t leave Punta Cana without the island’s best rum and cigars. Make a stop at Jumbo where you’ll find a nice selection of both.

And if you still have time to shop, visit Plaza Bolera’s shops and its newest bowling center.

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