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Rhodes, Greece

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Rhodes Shopping

Rhodes is a most unique destination for shopping. You’ll never find a city the size of this island with as many shops anywhere in the world.

Old Town
This is the best place to begin your Rhodes shopping. There aren’t any big malls but you’ll find an array of quaint shops tucked away in cobbled stone streets. The weekly markets offer fresh produce, ideal for creating a picnic basket.

Greek artisans have been crafting beautiful jewelry for more than 3,000 years. In Rhodes, you’ll find the world renowned Ilias Lalaounis boutique. His masterpieces follow ancient designs dating centuries back. Some creations are made with lapis lazuli, which is common in Greece. When set into gold or platinum, you get gorgeous pieces you won’t find elsewhere.

Alexandra Gold is also a fine choice for Rhodes shopping. The shop stocks a nice selection of European style bracelets in yellow and white gold.

Leathers and Fur
Rhodes shopping is also known for its fine leathers. These are usually from the Northern section of Greece and are soft and well made. You’ll find jackets and coats throughout shops on Socrates Street. Furs brought from Turkey are also popular while Rhodes shopping. The prices are excellent so you’ll rarely have to ask for a discount.

Aphrodite is also ideal for buying buttery soft leathers. The outside of the shop resembles an old castle. It’s definitely a must see.

Antique lovers will have a great time while Rhodes shopping. Kalogirou art has a superb collection of carpets, furnishings and porcelain. The store itself is a work of art with its unique mosaic floor. You’ll see a banana tree garden at the entrance. It’s located across from the Knights Palace, one of the main attractions of the city.

But if you can’t afford the real thing, the Ministry of Culture Museum houses the most incredible selection of reproductions. You can purchase old sculptures and friezes. You can tour the gallery and have a great time while on your Rhodes shopping experience.

Local Staples
Rhodes shopping is also about regional specialties. Rhodes wines are quickly gaining world reputation. A visit to Cair and Emery Wineries is a real treat. You’ll have the opportunity to sample the different vintages.

By traveling to Siana or Vati town, you’ll be able to purchase some of the best honeys, olive oils and herbs in the world. It’s a must.

Tip: These products are usually sold in private homes throughout the villages. You’ll see advertisement signs. They display pictures of the items for sale in case you don’t speak Greek.

Finding authentic period carpets and kilims is also part of the Rhodes shopping experience. You can thank the Ottoman Empire for this legacy.

The Kleopatra Factory showcases a large selection of rugs. Most of these are excellent recreations of those seen in palaces and castles.

Royal Carpet boasts a reputation for quality hand-made kilims. These are made by the women on the island as well as the monasteries throughout Rhodes. Both keep alive the tradition of this craft.

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