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San Diego, California, USA

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San Diego Attractions

San Diego attractions range from sites for adults to fun-filled attractions for kids. However, most adults tend to enjoy both.

Every visitor should experience what life was like in the California of the 1800s. The State History Park’s atmosphere will transport you to the elegance of colonial Mexico.

Among the park’s attractions stand several important museums. The most visited of all is the Seeley Stables. Its collection of wagons and carriages is unique. There’s a blacksmith, donkeys and shows.

Don’t miss the Union Printing Office. It’s the site of the city’s oldest newspaper office.

Other icons of historic interest include Casa De Estudillo. This mansion was built around a Spanish style courtyard.

Plaza del Pasado (Plaza of the Past) is an interesting San Diego attraction. Mariachis dressed in period costumes play lively Mexican tunes. They stroll through impressive 19th century architecture greeting the crowds. It’s a must see.

Heritage Park is of historic importance as it once served as home to illustrious citizens. Its architecture is Victorian and after being restored retains its beauty.

The San Diego Zoo can be said to be among the most visited San Diego attractions. And its flamingo lagoon is photographed by hundreds of thousands of visitors per year. Enjoy the large variety of plants from canyons and mesas.

The Wild Animal Park is a favorite. Animals wander loose through 2,100 acres. A railway takes you throughout the park allowing you to observe their behavior. You’ll come across Condor Ridge, Heart of Africa and other special spots.

Sea World ranks among the top San Diego attractions. Shamu’s Adventure show is a must see. Witness the training of a giant humpback whale. Or visit a shark aquarium where you’ll see a selection of large predators. Penguins and dolphins also call Sea World their home and delight crowds with daily shows.

In the heart of the Spanish Wharf is the Midway Museum. This icon of San Diego attractions displays the longest carrier in service in the history of the United States Navy. Visitors can climb aboard and stroll through the flight deck, hangar and mess hall.

The Maritime Museum is another must see. It showcases the Star of India. This is the oldest sailing ship in the world. The Harbor is also ideal for catching the best scenery of the Bay.

Mission Bay Park is said to be the biggest. With 19 miles of beaches sun worshippers can enjoy themselves year round. Twenty-seven miles of shoreline allow for bicycling and roller-balding. Boat rentals are available as well as kayaking and jet-skiing. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to sail this is the ideal location.

Coronado Beach is another popular place for sun bathers. It’s said to have the smoothest white sand. And of course there’s Del Mar Beach with its racetrack.

La Jolla shores are ideal for a stroll along the boardwalk. You’ll come across the Museum of Contemporary Art with collections by local as well as National artists.
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