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Tokyo, Japan

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Tokyo Overview

Tokyo is not just about bright lights and tall buildings. It’s a city filled with energy and much to offer for enjoyment. There’s awesome sightseeing and the most impressive shopping venues of any city in the world. But Tokyo is not just about fabulous shopping. Its vast cultural gamma includes unique museums and galleries. There are theaters for the performing arts, a symphony orchestra and plenty of festivals to make any visit an unforgettable experience.

Tokyo has undergone a major modernization while keeping its traditional beliefs. It’s still possible to visit breathtaking landmarks that relate the history of the Japanese Empire. One of the most visited is the Imperial Palace. Its Nijubashi Bridge has been photographed by millions of people from around the globe. Also of historic importance is the Sensoji Temple. This ancient Buddhist temple is the oldest in Tokyo and the site of many festivals.

In Tokyo, every gate leads to something special. And when you come out of the Sensoji Temple through Thunder Gate you step into a street lined with shop after shop selling gifts and souvenirs. These normally consist of fans, kimono robes, woodblock prints, chopsticks and even Godzilla toys. At the end of the street, visitors can see the famous red paper lantern portrayed in many Japanese movies.

Every Tokyo neighborhood offers something different. Some boast magnificent parks and gardens. Others have shopping malls and electronics stores to impress any tech buff. Most people don’t think of Tokyo as a place with green spaces. A visit to Jindai Botanical Gardens will change that opinion about Tokyo. Its 300 acres are home to over 100,000 trees. Jindai by the way means “green lung”.

Most visitors who want to combine a little historical sightseeing with intense retail therapy go to Odaiba. This 1851 Fortress once served as Tokyo’s protection. The architecture of the several complexes that make up this fortress is outstanding. Today it’s the most unique location for shopping and entertainment. There are also an array of performance halls, a beautiful boardwalk and two long beaches.

Tokyo is home to very interesting museums. The most popular is the Museum of Maritime Science with its ocean-liner shape. Another icon of Tokyo culture is the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. Visitors should make this a must see. It’s the ideal place to find out about the latest in every field. Other places of interest include the Edo Tokyo with displays relating the history of Japan. And the Contemporary Art Museum ranks among the largest of its kind in the world.

Tokyo’s night life is vibrant and filled with options. Clubs and discos are open until early hours of the morning. Theaters offer Japanese as well as modern drama. Its Symphony Orchestra performs Western style music. Tokyo also hosts a number of pop and rock concerts a year.

Tokyo also offers a plethora of dining opportunities for every budget.

Tokyo is best described as exciting, vibrant and unique. It’s a must for any world traveler.

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