Frequently Asked Questions about Undercover Hotels

Up to 65% savings for flexible travelers!

What's the catch?

With prices this low, hotels want to keep their names hidden until after booking. So, you get the hotel name and exact location after your booking is completed PLUS major savings! Here are some examples of participating hotel brands:

  • hotel
  • hotel
  • hotel
  • hotel
  • hotel
Q. Why is the hotel name kept a secret?
A. Hotels don’t want to advertise the wholesale rates we contract. So, you get the hotel name after booking along with major savings!
Q. What information can I see?
A. You see all the information necessary to make a decision:
  • a hotel description
  • star rating
  • available facilities and amenities
  • photos of the hotel
  • location down to the city block where the hotel is located.

    Q. When do I find out the hotel name?
    A. The same way you would a regular hotel. Unless noted otherwise on our website, all hotels, with the exception of all Disney hotels and hotels in US National Parks, follow this policy:
    • Change or cancellation requests received by our customer support 3 days prior to check-in time will be subject to 1 night's fee
    • Change or cancellation requests received by our customer support 1 day prior to check in-time will receive no refund
    • No-shows will not be refunded
    Q. Is there a way to see the hotel name before booking?

    A. As a matter of fact, there is! You have 3 options:
    • Download the Last Minute Travel Deals app-no hotels are undercover there AND you receive $25 off your first hotel booking when you register!
    • Become an LMT Club member, where you can see all hotel names, find savings up to 65%, and earn points toward a FREE trip!
    • Call our 24/7 customer service center and they’ll divulge our deepest, darkest secret to you
    Q. Can TripleDip Points count toward undercover hotels?
    A. Yes, TripleDip Points count toward undercover hotels!
    Q. Is my reservation confirmed with the undercover hotel immediately after I book it?
    A. Yes. Your booking is confirmed and guaranteed, although you may not be assigned to an actual room until you check-in.
    Next time you travel, book yourself an undercover hotel, save lots of money, and smile. On us :)

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