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Keeping Business and Personal Expenses Separate in 3 Easy Steps

February 12th, 2008

When combining business and leisure travel, it can be difficult to separate expenses when you get home or to the office. An easy way to stay organized and avoid clutter is simply keeping a record. There are two aspects of making this task easy and less time consuming.

Step 1: Keep all of your expenses separated and store them in a PDA document or a small notebook. 

Step 2: The second part is keeping all of your receipts organized and separated. You can do this by keeping an envelope in your wallet for business expenses and keeping your personal expense receipts in the actual wallet. Simply separating these receipts with some kind of marker in the middle of your wallet can easily cause a mix up if you are not careful. Keeping the two completely separate by using an envelope will make your life ten times easier.

Step 3: After each purchase file your receipt in the appropriate place and make a note of the total amount of the expense and type of expense in your PDA document or notebook. At the end of each day, double check your work. When you arrive home or back to the office, your receipts will already be separated and your notes will allow you to review everything.

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How to Get a Stipend if Your Luggage Gets Delayed

February 8th, 2008

Did you know that most airlines offer three types of coverage in case your luggage gets delayed? It’s true, you can get a stipend to help cover your basic needs until your luggage arrives. Here is a brief description of the three types of stipends:

1.) Some airlines will provide you with a toiletries kit as well as offer you a stipend for luggage that is delayed for more than 24 hours.

2.)   Your credit card company may issue you a stipend for immediate expenses due to delayed luggage

3.)   If you have purchased travel insurance you may qualify for a stipend for immediate expenses.

How do you claim a stipend? You can inquire about stipends:

  • When you file you delayed luggage report
  • Call your credit card company of the card you booked your flight with to see if they may be able to assist you
  • When you purchase travel insurance check to see if your policy covers a stipend and remember to keep a copy of the policy with you in your carry on in case you need to reference it.

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A Very Cool Tool for Business Travelers

February 7th, 2008

I am sure this tool isn’t the right thing for everybody but still, since it is all about sharing and I personally like it so much…

I am using the Blackberry Smart phone for many years but only lately I installed Worldmate live. It is very important to mention, the tool isn’t just for Blackberry, it is working on any smart phone. What this tool gives you is the option to manage all your travel needs in one place.

  • Itineraries - I have all my itineraries on my Blackberry and then just few hours before the flight Worldmate checks for the flight status online.
  • Flight Status - You can very easily check for any other flight status too (regardless if it is in your itinerary or not). I was just driving with my boss few hours before he had to take off and he said that his flight was at 23:00. I just opened Worldmate to verify and see that there are no delays. Surprisingly we found out that the flight actually takes off on 22:15. I literally saved him a lost flight.
  • Weather - Additionally, it includes a weather forecast tool for any city you choose.
  • Clocks around the world
  • Currency conversion

Here is a quick clip i found on Youtube that shows how it works.

And if you didnt get the point here is a real cool clip…

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5 Travel Tips for Packing Luggage

February 6th, 2008
  • Packing small accessories such as belts and scarves can help you limit the number of outfits you pack by giving you more options for mixing and matching.
  • No matter how short of a trip or vacation you are going on you should pack enough socks and underwear for at least four days.
  • If you are going on a long trip and the space you are staying in is limited, make a list of the contents of each piece of luggage and tape it to the inside of the lid to avoid having to dig through the entire contents of your suitcase to find one item.
  • Check the weather forecast for your trip or vacation destination to ensure that you are packing clothes that will keep you warm or cool depending on where you are going. Remember, even if your hotel is in a valley the nearby mountain areas might be much cooler than where you are staying. Be sure to pack appropriate clothes just incase.
  • For a final tip, if you can, leave enough space for a folding umbrella, you never know if you will need one.

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Easy Way to Make Traveling More Pleasant

February 5th, 2008

Here are some easy tips for making your traveling experience more pleasant.

1.) If possible, bring your own pillows

2.) If you are traveling for a long period of time, bring pre-measured packets of laundry detergent. You can purchase these at a camping supply store.

3.) Attach bright tape or tie a bright ribbon to your luggage to make it easier to keep track of and helpful for spotting all of the pieces

4.) When you get to your hotel, unpack wrinkled clothes an hang them in a steamy bathroom to get them unwrinkled quickly. Packing some plastic hangers from home is a good idea incase the hotel does not provide them for you.

5.) Bringing a pad and pen or pencil with you can come in handy for writing down phone numbers, addresses or even the location of a place you want to come back to

6.) A GPS can come in very handy when trying to navigate through a city. If the GPS has battery powered capabilities this can come in extremely handy when walking around cities and locating attractions.

7.) Chewing gum on an airplane can significantly minimize ear popping. For young children, ask your pediatrician about a decongestant.

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