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Australia’s Outback - Uluru (Ayers Rock)

March 31st, 2008

If your first or repeat visit, visiting the heart of Australia is a must. This remote location is awesome, scenery sensational with Voyages Ayers Rock Resort offering a range of accommodation.

Ayers Rock Uluru Australia

The nearest town to Uluru is 480km - Alice Springs (and this is worth a look as well!)

Alice Springs Austrailia

Direct flights go into both Alice Springs and Uluru daily from all major cities. Once you get to Uluru, there are a large range of tours available - Sunrise, sunset - or try the Dinner under the Stars package. You can book through any of the resort properties or tour desks. Complimentary transfers meet all flights, no need to book.

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

March 28th, 2008

Hello I am Leidy! I work with Product in and I am in charge of Mexico and the Caribbean and would like to share some important things to do in Rio de Janeiro. When you check-in at your Hotel, please get ready to explore this fantastic city.

Rio de Janeiro

My first day at Rio, I walked the entire strip of Copacabana and then had lunch at Barril 1800 in Ipanema. This was a great restaurant with very good food. Try their traditional dish called “Feijoda” and accompanied with their traditional drink “Capirinas” or if you don’t drink alcoholic beverage, please try “Guarana”. After this, I explored Ipanema, walked the entire strip of the beach to see the beauty of it, oh! And when you are walking either in Ipanema or Copacabana, please stop in any of the little kiosks and make sure you drink a Coco Gelado, Delicious! At night time after a very long day at the beach, get ready and dress up!!! Either choose to eat in a fancy restaurant or go dancing. I chose to eat at Porcao. This is a great churrasqueria and you can eat as much as you want! I recommend to try their typical meat is called Picaña. Also make sure you tell your waiter to give you filet mignon. This is already included. Also they have a buffet and it contains from Jumbo shrimps to risottos. They are 3 Porcaos in the city, please choose the one in Flamengo. It has the best view of the city at night. (This is going to cost around $120 or R 150, 00 reais for 2 persons). If you have a great celebration or you want to go aloud and you have the money to check out the best restaurant in Rio, please go to “Antiquarios” (one of the most expensive but BEST restaurants in Rio). It is AMAZING!!!! This is a Portuguese restaurant and it cost about R 200 reais per person. Please make reservations.

My second day in Rio, I went to Corcavado/Cristo Redentor. Please make sure you go after noon so you can make sure and see the actual statue. This is an amazing experience. I spend R 100 Reais for 2 people to go here. A taxi took us there and waited for us in the lower part and gave us one hour to explore. This is plenty of time to see it and take plenty of pictures. After Corcovado, I went to visit the other side of Copacabana called Barra da Tijuca. Locals just called it Barra. (pronounced Baja). Here is another beach and other kind of views. If you don’t want the beach, wait! Don’t live this area! Go to Barra Shopping. This is a 3 stories Mall. It is amazing! You can find anything and do your shopping (this is not good for souvenir shopping). If you get hungry in the mall, no worries, they have this great restaurant called “La Mole”. If you don’t want restaurants then just have a snack at Casa Do Pao de Queijo and then pass by the ice cream store called “Babuska” They have one of the best ice creams I have ever eating.

Third day in Rio, Please go and check out Pao de Azucar or Sugar Loaf. Again go around noon to see the views. After this just go and take your own tour, check out the biggest soccer stadium “Maracana” try to go in a day that is an actual game going on. They are so many things to do in Rio that I can be here talking all day. Just make sure you have this list in your hand:

  • Corcovado/Cristo Rendentor
  • Pao de Azucar
  • Barra da Tijuca/ Barra Shopping Mall.
  • Maracana Stadium
  • Sambodromo
  • Metropolitan Cathedral


Leidy Hurtado

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Maximize your visit in Paris and minimize your budget:

March 27th, 2008

Ahhhh Paris…. the most beautiful city in the world but also the most expensive one. After living in Paris for 26 years, I will share with you some tips in order to maximize the enjoyment of your stay and spend a minimum amount of money.


Metro-M.svgThe best way to visit the city is to take the public transport. If you are going to stay more then 2 days in the city, buy a 3 day pass. It will cost you less then to buy a ticket for each day. Both the metro and bus are included in the 3 days pass (only in the area of Paris, going out the city, rates will be different). Cost of the pass: 19 euros.


    Paris is well known for the City of Fashion. You will find shops everywhere. There is a very interesting area to see and to shop. I recommend to go to the Metro Station ‘’Barbes Rochechouart”. There, you will find the shop ‘’TATI’’. You will be able to find everything you like. For food (supermarkets), you have 2 brands with all products and it is not expensive: ‘’Supermarket ‘’ED and supermarket ‘’Leader price”. These supermarkets are all around Paris.


      For a good ‘’Sandwich Baguette’’, I recommend to eat at “La Brioche Doree” or at ‘’Pomme de Pain’’. The bread is delicious and the desserts as well. These restaurants are all around Paris and not expensive at all.

      Theatre and Concerts:

      In order to get great deals for theatre and concerts, you must show up 1 hour before the event. Sometimes you will find tickets half price as people are selling their tickets directly to you. I have done this experience, it works!

      Airports :

        It is time to go back to reality! Back home. Taxis for the airports are very expensive (around 50-70 euros). Near the Meridien Montparnasse, in Montparnasse area of course), you have buses to the airport. The cost is 14 euros and there is a bus running every 15 minutes. The only thing I would suggest is to take at least 3 hours time before your flight!

        These are a few tips to minimize your expenses in Paris. Do not hesitate to ask me for recommendations; I will be happy to help you.

        Enjoy Paris!


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        Buenos Aries - Tango Forever!

        March 26th, 2008

        I just got back from an amazing holiday in Buenos Aires. The “Portenos” (someone from Buenos Aires) welcomed me and my family into their fascinating city with open arms. I was surprised by the fact that the city is really kid friendly. I was traveling with my two kids and in every restaurant there was a kid’s menu and high chairs. The city is definitely meant to be walked, which means that by 7pm we were exhausted. The city is filled with green parks with playgrounds and it even has a zoo. After visiting some great museums such as the MALBA or the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, we found a couple great spots to relax. If you are looking to unwind one day I would recommend having lunch at Café Tortoni and then stroll through the Japanese Garden.

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        Riga Latvia

        March 20th, 2008

        Hello Everybody! I am Gregory, taking over the product in and would like to share my feelings with you about Riga Latvia.

        Riga is well known as the capital and business center of Baltics; you can find many things to do in Riga Latvia during your business or vacation trip in the city. The old town creates an exceptional atmosphere of past and history and offers many attractions like souvenir shops, bars, restaurants, boutique shops and hotels. Night life in the city is unique and makes a difference, and of course the local ladies are beautiful and sweet like sugar.
        Enjoy your lunch at Lido restaurant at Krasta (MUST) and don’t miss the city view from Skybar of Reval Latvija hotel. You can finish your day at Voodoo night club or in one of old city restaurants. Riga Latvia gives you more value for the money.

        Best regards,

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        Guangzhou Phoenix City Hotel

        March 19th, 2008

        Guangzhou, located in Southern China, is also considered a pearl on the Zhu Jiang River (Pearl River). The southern location determined its warm weather even during winter season. (For such weather, lots of the lower category hotels in Guangzhou do not provide heat even in winter, which is hardly bearable for a cold weather early 2008.) The Guangzhou Phoenix City Hotel is only deluxe hotel by now in the “Economic Development Zone” in Guangzhou - a term you will see in most China cities, and almost everyone of them is located in suburbs since it’s designed for plants/factories.

        The Guangzhou Phoenix City Hotel is located within a huge community – Phoenix City, and most of the small gardens are residential areas, from apartment homes to luxury villas. This makes it a small city by itself – it even has shuttle busses operating inside the community. The hotel is truly a quiet place where you can really relax in this huge city.

        Far away location does not mean inconvenience, guest stay in the Guangzhou Phoenix City Hotel can also share the convenience the local resident has a super market, various cuisines from a Japanese selection to a European selection, the local Cantonese Cuisine and fast food like MacDonald’s. Traffic to Guangzhou city is also simple, besides the community bus, hotels provide pick up services; taxis are also easy to hire. (Remember if any disputes with a taxi driver arise, hotel guests can complain directly to the hotel front desk.) 

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        The Ducks of the Peabody Hotel Orlando

        March 18th, 2008

        Here goes the story about the lovely little ducks at the Peabody Hotel Orlando, FL. And let me tell you, if I wasn’t there for myself, I would not have believed it…I just came back from a week long tour of Orlando and New York City, along with a group of travel agency managers, who received this trip as a reward for their outstanding achievements in 2007. Our trip included a 5 night stay at the 5 Star Peabody Hotel, located on I-Drive in sunny Orlando, FL.

        During this busy week we managed to visit Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Sea World (can’t get enough of Shamu!), caused both Orlando outlet malls to restock their stores, participated in 2 dinner shows - The Pirate Dinner Adventure and Medieval Times, took a tour of 6 different hotels located in town, drove the transportation company crazy with our endless list of changes, and much more (too tired to remember at this point…). But the highlight of our stay in Peabody Hotel Orlando was without a doubt the march of the ducks at the Peabody Hotel. For those of you who don’t know, the symbol of the Peabody Hotels (there’s one in Memphis, TN and another one in Little Rock, AR) are the ducks. And the story behind it? Well, that’s for another blog…

        When we arrived at the Peabody Hotel we saw ducks in the small pond located in the hotel lobby. We thought it was weird but were too tired to think about it. After all, the door of the Delta airplane did not open for more than 10 minutes after landing in Orlando Int’l airport… I guess we were lacking oxygen for the next 24 hours… so we weren’t paying much attention to the ducks. However, the next day, upon return to the hotel in the early afternoon, we saw a red carpet in one of the many Peabody Hotel elevators and a sign saying that this elevator is reserved for the ducks. Hmmm… Still unsure of what was going on or if we were on candid camera, we went upstairs to change our clothes for our next event. When we came back downstairs, we happened to take that same elevator. And guess what? there were little foot steps of ducks on that very same red carpet… wet foot steps… as if they left the pond and went upstairs to their room for an early afternoon nap. What can I say? I know were still under the lack-of-oxygen syndrome but still - I wish I had a camera to seize the moment. I do remember laughing out loud. Very loud. So, if you ever happen to stop by the Peabody Hotel Orlando, make sure to ask when the march of the ducks takes place. It’s another Orlando sight you sure don’t want to miss!

        Peabody Hotel Orlando Ducks

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        Reunion Island

        March 17th, 2008

        Reunion Island

        Only few people know that Réunion Island is a spectacular natural wonder! Having lived there for 5 years, in Saint Denis, Réunion’s capital is a pleasant and lively town with its brasseries, bistros and fantastic restaurants. Saint Denis is a perfect reproduction of metropolitan France. The rugged mountains and gorges of Reunion offer great trekking adventures. If you like unusual hiking, you’ll really enjoy Reunion’s tropical lushness. Want to enjoy the beach after a morning hike? Drive a few minutes to St Gilles and enjoy the white sandy beach and warm water!

        A bit of history about the island:

        • Arabian sailors used to call this island Dina Morgabin (“Western island”).
        • The Portuguese discovered the uninhabited island in 1513.
        • The island was then occupied by the French. In 1642, the King of France Louis XIII named it Île Bourbon.
        • It was renamed Réunion during the French Revolution.
        • The island is 39 miles (63 kilometers) long, is 28 miles (45 kilometers) wide, and covers 970 square miles (2150 square kilometers).
        • The island is similar to the big island of Hawaii because both are located above hot spots in the Earth’s crust.

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        Cabo Polonio, Uruguay

        March 16th, 2008

        Cabo Polonio

        Cabo Polonio is one of the most beautiful places in Uruguay. located about 7 km from the closest highway, it cannot be reached by car. To get there, you can take a 4×4 truck ride through the dunes or another way to get there is by the beach, which is a 3 hour walk from Valizas.

        Cabo Polonio

        At Cabo Polonio you can expect to find sea lions, a lighthouse, the beach, and sand dunes. The place has no electricity, no running water, few and rustic constructions. The funny thing about this place is that from January to March it gets crowded with tourists and the rent is sky high, even though almost no basic services are provided.

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        Puerto Rico-”La Isla del Encanto”

        March 13th, 2008

        Puerto Rico is the Enchantment Island. Every day is a sunny day; you don’t have to wait for summer to enjoy the Caribbean weather because every day is Summer Time. But if you are lucky enough to catch a Rainy Day, remain silent for a minute and you will experience the most beautiful soundtrack of the different birds, cricket and of course the Coqui.

        The Coqui (Eleutherodactylus as known by its zoological name) are unique frogs that live in Puerto Rico, with its timid ko-kee sound in the evening (from which it gets its name) completed the island enchantment. The best place to find the coquies is at the Rainforest El Yunque witch means “Forest of Clouds” this National Forest has mountains that dominates the 28,000 acre of tropical forest. It is the only tropical forest in the United States National Forest System. Not to mention that Puerto Rico has the most beautiful beaches especially Flamenco Beach, is so clear that you can see your reflection on the water not to mention that the sand is pure white. Also other places to visit are the Historic Old San Juan district, Arecibo Observatory in Arecibo, Guajataca State Forest and Lake in Isabela, Rio Camuy Caves in Camuy and Condado Beach in San Juan.

        Perhaps, you think that this is a place that offers only a Natural Environment, you are mistaken Puerto Rico is more…There is no other place you can enjoy the beach like South Beach, Miami or gamble in the Casinos like in Las Vegas than Isla Verde. The best part is that if you are a citizen of United Stated you don’t need passport or the hassle to change the currency and you don’t have to be afraid that you don’t know Spanish because in Puerto Rico the second language is English.

        On the other hand, before you put a foot to the island you probably will need to learn how to dance, because Puerto Rican or “Boricuas” have a Caliente blood they are a mixed race of white, Indian and black and they love to dance salsa, merengue and reguetón. Enjoy the video below you will hear some of the sound that I described above and the Puerto Rico Hymn guitar sound…

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