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Unique Travel Inspiration for 2011

January 12th, 2011

This article about travel trip ideas for 2011 caught my attention because of its uncommon–exceptionally enticing–categories, and it features a few unexpected locales:

  • Best eco trip: includes diving and animal sanctuaries
  • Best volunteer vacation: from digging wells to teaching English, there’s a task for everyone
  • Best gambling getaway hint…it’s not Vegas
  • And more…Read the full article

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New year, new resolution, new travel plan

January 6th, 2011

Travel often tops new-year resolution lists. Mine usually includes something grandiose that gets sidelined –mostly due to work schedules or lack of planning. So this year my husband and I are trying a new tactic to ensure travel. Rather than say (again) that we’re going to make it Tokyo, we’ve agreed to take smaller trips more often. Our goal is simple: one place, once a month. To keep it attainable, it can be near or far, any amount of time (even a quick weekend). Just so long as we go somewhere.

I’m off to a good start. I just booked tickets for a weekend in LA to visit a friend. I found some fun ideas in our Los Angeles travel guide of things to do but would love to hear from you! So tell me: In a Friday night to Sunday morning trip…what must I do/see/experience? (Thanks in advance!)

What are your travel resolutions?

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