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Labor Day Weekend sale

August 29th, 2013

Labor Day weekend is just around the corner, and it’s time for a blow out sale! Since Labor Day symbolizes the end of the summer, we thought that Labor Day weekend will be a great time to present some cool deals for the folks who haven’t had a vacation this summer, and now is their last chance to have one. Book now and save up to 40%!

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August 21st, 2013

Germany Oktoberfest: The celebration Begins

Germany Oktoberfest for celebrating Beer is the largest fair of the world. Six million people from different part of the world collide to visit this fair. This fest is commonly known as “die Wiesn” by the commoners of Munich, Bavaria, Germany. This fest last for sixteen days starting from late September and it continues till mid of October.


This fest was started by King Ludwig I, as a celebration for commoners, for his wedding. It comprised of Horse race, in later years the horse race continued during the same time leading to birth of Oktoberfest. Pleasant weather in September end led to the earlier shift.

Importance of Beer:

Beer is the only drink that may be served in the Germany Oktoberfest. This beer is a special beer which is brewed in the local areas of Munich and nowhere else.

Remarkable past years:

The Oktoberfest started from 1811 and is continuing till date. Horse race was added as an event on 1811 and continued till 1960. In 1811 Agriculture show to promote agricultural activities, is also added to the fest which is still continuing. In the year 1850, Statue of Bavaria was built since then it is witnessing the fest. 3000 People died in the year 1854 due to Cholera, which led to discontinuance of the fest in that year. In 1866 and 1870 the fest got discontinued because of wars, and in 1873 it was Cholera epidemic again. In 1880 lighting was introduced and in 1892 Beer was served in glass mugs. People celebrated 100th anniversary of Germany Oktoberfest in the year 1910 but added a milestone of serving 1,200,000 litres. In 1913, “Bräurosl”, a tent with seating for 12000 people was founded.

World War’s Impact:

World war with inflation caused discontinuance of the fest for decades but from 1950 onward it is celebrated as a traditional festival every year.

The later 100years:

From 1950 the fest starts with a twelve gun salute and the first keg of the beer is tapped by the Mayor of Munich. The Germany Oktoberfest gor recognition from 1960s on wards and is visited by people across the globe. Several events like “Gay days” in 1970 ban of smoking since 2008 and many more such small events. In 2010, it celebrated it 200th anniversary marked with a historical horse race.

Celebration begins:

If you are free this October look for manchester airport number and take yourself to the voyage of the most memorable time of your life. Call manchester airport number and book a ticket. Idea of joining is good if you are beer freak and want to taste best of Beer of this world cause the Beer served in the Germany Oktoberfest has high content of alcohol and hence it is more pure. Another amazing thing of this fest is “Oktoberfest Bavarian hats”, this hats are made of goat hair. Goat hair are believed to be very expensive and prized in Germany, the more hair your hat has the more rich you are to be believed. But modernity has introduced fake hair hats as well so no to be worried if you can’t afford the original hat. Enjoy the celebration which is to begin.

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August 21st, 2013

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Vacation Home Sweet Home

August 13th, 2013

The vacation rental trend is soaring in popularity in North America and beyond. The benefits are obvious as to why seasoned travelers are trying out this spacious, private, money saving option. Consider it nice change of pace for the typical road-weary, hotel veteran looking for a cost-effective accommodation alternative or a family looking to break free from the hotel room norm.

Setting aside the automatic status upgrade you receive from merely mentioning that you’re staying in a villa, condo, townhome or cabin for a week, vacation homes give you the freedom to make a more memorable and cozy experience for family and friends traveling with you (and making those jealous who aren’t with you). These rentals are not only designated by the multiple rooms they have, but the cost per person is comparable to that of a typical hotel stay. More rooms means more space and thus one comfortable, complaint-free family. Imagine staying in a place with the comforts of home, without doing the cleaning of home – now that’s vacation paradise! More than that, these rentals are ideal for group vacations and just as simple to book.
What seals the deal for most travelers is the worry free online booking, the instant confirmation and the fact that all the properties we offer are professionally managed by the top property management companies in the market. This means that you get the same sense of security when you book your vacation as you do when booking a hotel and you know that there is someone always ready to assist, from check-in to departure to handle any special needs you may have.

With the greater privacy that staying in a single property brings, you can feel right at home with amenities such as private pools, full kitchens and entertainment centers to use as you please. You also have more control over the dining options for your group. Rather than being confined to room service choices or having to spend a fortune at a nearby touristy restaurant, you can opt to utilize the kitchen for snack storage and cooking or you can order in to save a trip. Of course, the option to go out for dinner is always there!

For a hassle-free, relaxing vacation you won’t soon forget, give our vacation homes a try. Because no two rentals are exactly the same, staying in a vacation home is always a completely unique experience!

Found a vacation home deal you fancy? Use coupon code ‘VH25′ and get $25 discount!*

*With purchases of $500 or more.

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Planning a trip to Europe this Summer?

August 4th, 2013


Are you thinking of taking a trip to Europe this summer? Need some extra info to help you reach a decision? If some of your possible destinations are Ireland or Spain, you would definitely want to read our articles about Seville & Belfast. In these articles you will get all the information you need - From fun activities & shopping centers to affordable hotels and restaurants.

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