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Weekend Getaway at The Peabody Orlando

May 7th, 2008

Everyone’s life can get a little hectic and things seem to pile up on us when we least expect it. We can not always plan a vacation for the times we need one the most. I found myself in this situation 2 months ago. I decided to escape right in my home town of Orlando. I took a long weekend at the Peabody and it felt like I was in a different country.

The hotel is absolutely gorgeous and the service is impeccable. They even had ducks inside the lobby. We ate dinner in the Capriccio grill and it was the best steak I ever had. Even the 24 B-Line Dinner has great food. I had buffalo for the first time, and the Sunday brunch is on point.

I even got my exercise in. It felt great to jump into their full size heated pool and get some laps done, then sit in the huge whirlpool and just relax.

If anyone is looking for a place to host their weekend getaway or a vacation The Peabody is the place to go!

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Selecting a Cruise Line - Norwegian Cruise Line Review

March 5th, 2008

People look at many things when selecting a cruise. The ports of call, cabin type, on board entertainment, and many other things. When I took my vacation last year I was more than happy with the experience I had with Norwegian Cruise Line.

What has me sold on NCL is their freestyle living program. This allows you to go eat when you want and not have scheduled meals. This is great due to the fact that I am not always hungry at a particular time. I love the different themes of restaurants such as Italian, and Japanese. The nicer restaurants like the habbati grill and the steak house are amazing! They do require a small upgrade fee but it is well worth the money!!

I love good food and I am so happy that I went on a cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line. I know there are other things that sell people on cruises, but it was definitely NCL’s freestyle living that sold me!


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