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Orlando Watersports Complex (OWC)

May 19th, 2008

15 years ago, Wakeboarding appeared in England and little by little it expanded to different countries and trickled down into major cities such as Orlando, Florida.

The best place to wakeboard in Orlando and even meet famous wakeboarders is the Orlando Watersports Complex. Not only can you wakeboard, you can also kneeboard (mostly for beginners) and Wakeskate.



Sliders and Ramps featured at Orlando Watersports Complex (OWC)

Orlando Watersports Complex requires riders to wear a helmet when using sliders or ramps. The offer the following to their riders:

  • Bi-Level Ramp / Rail
  • Tabletop
  • Nessy
  • A-Frame
  • Flatbar
  • Big White
  • The Cheesewedge
  • Mini Launch

One of the coolest guys in Orlando Watersports Complex it is my cousin Julian Cohen better known as ” Jewlian”. He is 17 years old and has been riding since he was 14. Jewlian decided that he wanted to become a professional Wakeboarder and so he was home schooled to have more time to ride and perfect his tricks.

A year later, he was performing International Pro Tour and every year from mid April to mid August. Competitions take place all around the world. Last year he went to different states in USA, Canada and even Mexico.

Since he was pretty good, was featured on a whole page of ” Wakeboard Magazine”. Pro Wakeboarders began to pay attention to him and they became friends. Most of his friends are older than 20 which makes him very mature for his age. Every day at the Cohen’s home there is a bunch of Wakeboarders riding with Jewlian on his boat in Lake Down.

A month ago, 2008 Pro Tour started and he did so well he was selected for the Finals. Since he is not 18 yet, he can only be in Junior’s Team. Julian will have to wait a little bit more to be able to compete professionally, but until then he still has sponsors that contact him and right now and Obrien is THE one !

Here is Jewlian’s video from November… ( he is too busy with competitions, school and girls to update youtube :) )


It seems that he can be the next “star” for Wakeboard since he is trained by Mike Ferrero, one of the best Wakeboard trainers in the world, and he has his family and friends supporting him on a daily basis.

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Paris - The City of Lights - Champs Elysees and More!

February 26th, 2008

Hi guys,

My name is Elinor and I just moved to the Orlando area a few months ago.

I come from Paris, known as the City of Lights, the City of Love, and the City of Fashion. For those who have never been there, or for the ones that want some tips, I will tell you the how to have a perfect day in Paris!

I would definitely stay at the hotel Georges V. It has beautiful spacious and luxurious rooms. I think it is the perfect location on the Champs Elysees.


Champs Eylsees

(looking down the Champs Elysees)

By the way, the hotel Georges V. is super expensive, but you only live once, right? If the hotel is too expensive, then I would recommend the Saint Germain, it’s a little bit cheaper and very nice.

For breakfast I totally recommend to eat in Le Cafe Francais, it’s located in the Bastille Quarter and you will have the best croissant you can ever eat…be French till the end.)

Then, let’s shop in Les Galeries Lafayettes, it is a huge building only for shopping and is crowded with people from open till close (the whole street is dedicated to the shopping hobby!)

After spending a lot of Euros, you must be hungry. Just pick up a sub at Paul ( bakery) so you can still do some window shopping.

Tired? Spend your afternoon in the famous museum Le Louvre, or just relax at a Starbucks ( yes, there are StarBucks in Paris too!) Make sure you save your energy for the night!

Le Louvre

(the Le Louvre museum)

For dinner time I would recommend a sushi restaurant, or a light dinner so you will not be too be tired for the night coming up!

Here we go! It’s Night Club Time! Most of them are on the Champs Elysees, so you can just jump from one to another if you do not like the music. My favorite one is La Maison Blanche, it has all kinds of music.

It’s 5 o’clock AM, time to go back to the hotel or just skip it and start another day with a very nice breakfast just remember to change your clothes!

One Final Tip: come with a lot of money and do not sleep too much!

Enjoy Paris Life!

Paris France

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