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Copenhagen - The Little Mermaid

July 14th, 2008

“The Little Mermaid” from the fairytale with the same name, by HC Andersen, is probably the best known tourist attraction in Copenhagen.

Here are a few things that I bet you didn’t know:

1961 - September 1
Bra & panties were painted on her, and her hair was ‘dyed’ red

1963 - April 28
She was covered in red paint

1964 - April 24
She was decapitated

1976 - July 15
She was covered in paint

1984 - July 22
Her right arm was cut off

1990 - August 5
Another attempt to decapitate her was made

1998 - January 6
She was decapitated

2003 - September 11
She was removed from her stone and pushed into the water

… but she’s a tough lady - she has survived!

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Wonderful Copenhagen!

May 30th, 2008


Why is Copenhagen so wonderful? Here what I think of when I think about Copenhagen:

 Home to HC Andersen (Poet and Fairytale Writer)

  • The Little Mermaid
  • Carlsberg Beer (”Probably the best beer in the World”)
  • Tivoli Gardens (Amusement Park)
  • Fashion Week (Top 10 fashion events in the World held twice a year)
  • Design (contemporary Scandinavian design)
  • Freetown Christiania (self-governing area of the city of about 850 hippies)

these are a few of the things that best describe Copenhagen to me.

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Stockholm - The Capital of Scandinavia

April 4th, 2008


Built on 14 islands around one of Europe’s largest and best-preserved medieval city centuries, the Swedish capital is superbly positioned, with stunning and extremely varied scenery in every direction. Stockholm offers a several museums, theaters, sights, attractions and events, whether you’re interested in history, art, opera, modern dance, traditional handicraft, contemporary design or anything else. Stockholm is a very diverse city with something for everyone. 

Gamla Stan




You can stroll around in “Old Town” with buildings from the 1300’s.

Stockholm Architechture



Or admire the contemporary architecture.ABBA the Museum 

The talk of the town right now is the grand opening of “ABBA - The Museum” which opens in June 2009 but tickets are already on sale! 6,500 square meters (70,000 square foot) on four levels, featuring everything about on the the biggest Swedish icons - ABBA.

The spring and summer (April-September) are definitely the best times to visit Stockholm. I hope the temperatures below will give you some indication of what works best for you.
from +2 to - 7C (36 to 19F)
Spring: between +5 and 15C (41 to 59F)
Summer: 20-25C (68 to 77F) or warmer
Autumn: between +5 and 18C (41 to 64F)

Best regards,
Mikael Hellstrom
Product Manager - Scandinavia

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