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A Very Cool Tool for Business Travelers

February 7th, 2008

I am sure this tool isn’t the right thing for everybody but still, since it is all about sharing and I personally like it so much…

I am using the Blackberry Smart phone for many years but only lately I installed Worldmate live. It is very important to mention, the tool isn’t just for Blackberry, it is working on any smart phone. What this tool gives you is the option to manage all your travel needs in one place.

  • Itineraries - I have all my itineraries on my Blackberry and then just few hours before the flight Worldmate checks for the flight status online.
  • Flight Status - You can very easily check for any other flight status too (regardless if it is in your itinerary or not). I was just driving with my boss few hours before he had to take off and he said that his flight was at 23:00. I just opened Worldmate to verify and see that there are no delays. Surprisingly we found out that the flight actually takes off on 22:15. I literally saved him a lost flight.
  • Weather - Additionally, it includes a weather forecast tool for any city you choose.
  • Clocks around the world
  • Currency conversion

Here is a quick clip i found on Youtube that shows how it works.

And if you didnt get the point here is a real cool clip…

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New York City - Few tips for travelers…

January 30th, 2008

I just got back from New York lately and thought it might be good idea to share some of my experience. Probably the most important thing is to understand that no matter if you have been there once twice or more, this is a never ending city. I was in NYC many times before and I am willing to take a flight again right now…

Obviously , I could write a book on NYC but this is just a post so I have decided to limit myself to 3 tips only.

Broadways Shows - this is a “Must Do” in every trip to New York. Personally I saw this time Mama Mia which was awesome. A very professional show, great actors and singers. If you like ABBA, this show is really for you. We (me and my wife) could just see it again, prices on the web are between $90 - $200+ but here is the tip, go to the TKTS booth near Times SQ and you can buy it for much less. We paid for example $62 per ticket. For people who know the booth from the past it moved to the Marriott Marquis Hotel (West 46th Street between Broadway and 8th Avenue). The line there is really misleading, it looks like long but it goes really fast. If you wish there is a much less crowded booth, there is another one at the corner of Front and John Streets.

Museum - I am not going to recommend the Metropolitan or MOMA or Googenheim. They all really great and worth spending time (and money). I want to share with you a much less famous museum, it is called the Frick Collection. This is considerably small museum that was originally built at the beginning of the 20th century by Mr Henry Frick for his residence. All the art master pieces (mainly painting but not only) belong to Mr. Frick personal art collection. I consider this place more as a gate to a different era in New York History since any walk in the museum galleries simply let you feel how a rich man lived his life in NYa hundred years ago. Don’t take me wrong, the art pieces are very impressive too but this isn’t what I personally took from this place. All information (opening hours ,shop, prices etc) about the museum can easily found in the museum website. Few practical tips: take the audio guide ,it give a very nice explanation about what you see. Also, if your budget is limited and you cant afford the $15 admission, come on Sundays when you pay how much you want. The Frick is located at at the corner of Fifth Avenue and East 70th Street.

Frick Collection

Shopping - no way to cover NYC shopping in this post. Still few places you should not miss.

  • B&H Photo - an AMAZING store for photography, audio and video equipment lovers. If you are one of those , you are going to thank me…you can visit their website but the experience in the store is something you will never feel on the web. Their rates are really competitive.
  • 34 St -simply go from 34 St & Fifth Ave. along the street and you will find all the brands…
  • SYMS - this store doesn’t look fancy but it is kind of an outlet for shoes and apparel (Men, Women and Kids). Extremely attractive prices. Highly recommended. Store is located at Park Ave and 54 St.
  • Toys R’Us, Time Square - The store in Times Square is phenomenal. if you go with kids limit them to one or 2 presents otherwise you will end up with bankruptcy. What is so unique in this particular store is its size and the fact that they place a big wheel inside the store (yes inside). If you don’t believe here is a proof…

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It simply speaks for itself…

January 9th, 2008

Last Minute Travel Club

As I promissed in the first post of this blog we will share with you new things coming up on site. The latest feature we just launched is Last Minute Travel Club. This club requires your registration, however the benefits for the club members are amazing. You simply get additional discount on any product we sell on Yes, it will cost you a yearly membership fees of $49.99 but in the first booking you will earn much more. We will send the club members their exlusive deals which will reflect those amazing rates. In the shopping process users will be notified with the exact amount of dollars they are just about to save due to their membership. Guys, this is the place to hear what you think of this really cool club. Go ahead start getting your discounts .

Guys, see this amazing clip below, you can save dozens of dolars per night and hundreds of dolars per stay, simply incredible and you get the whole year membership fees back in the first booking.

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Hello world and Happy LMT Blog year !

January 2nd, 2008

Welcome to LastMinuteTravel Blog. We are very happy to announce the launch of our new blog. This is absolutely a new start for new year. In this first post, I would like to take the opportunity and tell what this blog is going to look like, what are the subjects we are going to cover and who will the writers be. As you can imagine we are a well known travel company and we do have the pleasure to offer you the best air, hotels, cruises and dynamic packages deals. The blog will cover new marketing campaigns , new features on site, interesting travel destinations, travel tips and more. The blog is so important for us since we will be able to create dynamic conversation between us, the Last Minute Travel team and our clients. It is very important to hear what you guys want to tell us. Due to the variety of subjects we are about to cover the writers will be travel experts, eCommerce gurus and tech guys.

See you soon and Happy “Zero Birthday” to our new blog.

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