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Back to School After Amazing Vacation

September 8th, 2013

Back To School

Parents need to prepare their children well before returning back to school after a long holiday break. With some proper planning, your kids would be able to transition well both socially and mentally. Moreover, studies show that those who assist their young ones get back to school often get better results come end-semester. Discussed below are some ways this can be done:

  1. Help the student develop a study timetable 2 weeks prior to opening day. This would help him get prepared mentally for the hard work ahead. Furthermore, most schools tend to give assessment tests a few days after the students come back from holiday. Those who read before sitting for these exams stand a better chance of passing.
  2. Buy all supplies that would be needed in school. It’s appropriate to get them early enough to avoid the typical last minute rush. Also, make a list of all the things you require so as to avoid overspending. In most cases, students who are in boarding school would need more supplies than the day scholars. Apart from common study materials such as books, these students would also require living materials like foodstuff, new uniforms and personal hygiene products.
  3. Give your kids some time to socialize with friends and say a few last-minute wishes. Returning back to school may cut your kids off from seeing close buddies for a while. Therefore, allow them some time to mingle appropriately so that they can have some psychological peace once they go back to school.

Moving on, there are some college students who pursue their education in foreign countries. Such learners need a special plan on how they would start the semester. Below are some tips to consider when preparing for a new scholarly term.

  1. Check that your visa and passport documents have been renewed. This is very important since the host country cannot allow anyone into their territory unless these two items are provided. Students can get their documents by visiting the foreign country’s official embassy.
  2. Go for a professional health check-up. This would help you identify any minor illnesses that need to be treated before leaving the country. Remember that some nations actually require visitors to present a clean medical record before stepping into their land.
  3. Ensure your credit card is functional. You need enough money to survive as a student in any foreign country. Nevertheless, most people prefer using international cards for their transactions rather than carrying paper money. It’s also much safer to use them especially when handling big cash sums. Most Visa and MasterCard’s can be used to make transactions from international ATMs, so long as the teller machine is approved by either of these brands. The best thing about plastic money is that it can be used to make transactions in local currency, therefore saving the student time that could have otherwise been wasted visiting an exchange bureau.
  4. Book a cheap hostel before leaving the country. Nowadays this is possible with the help of internet connectivity, just compare the prices of different accommodations and choose one that best suits your needs. Moreover, ensure that there’s enough security where you would be staying. American students can also register for ESTA. This is a special visa waiver program that assesses the suitability of foreigners to visit US.

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August 21st, 2013

Germany Oktoberfest: The celebration Begins

Germany Oktoberfest for celebrating Beer is the largest fair of the world. Six million people from different part of the world collide to visit this fair. This fest is commonly known as “die Wiesn” by the commoners of Munich, Bavaria, Germany. This fest last for sixteen days starting from late September and it continues till mid of October.


This fest was started by King Ludwig I, as a celebration for commoners, for his wedding. It comprised of Horse race, in later years the horse race continued during the same time leading to birth of Oktoberfest. Pleasant weather in September end led to the earlier shift.

Importance of Beer:

Beer is the only drink that may be served in the Germany Oktoberfest. This beer is a special beer which is brewed in the local areas of Munich and nowhere else.

Remarkable past years:

The Oktoberfest started from 1811 and is continuing till date. Horse race was added as an event on 1811 and continued till 1960. In 1811 Agriculture show to promote agricultural activities, is also added to the fest which is still continuing. In the year 1850, Statue of Bavaria was built since then it is witnessing the fest. 3000 People died in the year 1854 due to Cholera, which led to discontinuance of the fest in that year. In 1866 and 1870 the fest got discontinued because of wars, and in 1873 it was Cholera epidemic again. In 1880 lighting was introduced and in 1892 Beer was served in glass mugs. People celebrated 100th anniversary of Germany Oktoberfest in the year 1910 but added a milestone of serving 1,200,000 litres. In 1913, “Bräurosl”, a tent with seating for 12000 people was founded.

World War’s Impact:

World war with inflation caused discontinuance of the fest for decades but from 1950 onward it is celebrated as a traditional festival every year.

The later 100years:

From 1950 the fest starts with a twelve gun salute and the first keg of the beer is tapped by the Mayor of Munich. The Germany Oktoberfest gor recognition from 1960s on wards and is visited by people across the globe. Several events like “Gay days” in 1970 ban of smoking since 2008 and many more such small events. In 2010, it celebrated it 200th anniversary marked with a historical horse race.

Celebration begins:

If you are free this October look for manchester airport number and take yourself to the voyage of the most memorable time of your life. Call manchester airport number and book a ticket. Idea of joining is good if you are beer freak and want to taste best of Beer of this world cause the Beer served in the Germany Oktoberfest has high content of alcohol and hence it is more pure. Another amazing thing of this fest is “Oktoberfest Bavarian hats”, this hats are made of goat hair. Goat hair are believed to be very expensive and prized in Germany, the more hair your hat has the more rich you are to be believed. But modernity has introduced fake hair hats as well so no to be worried if you can’t afford the original hat. Enjoy the celebration which is to begin.

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Explore Hawaii: Plan Your Oahu Vacation

July 17th, 2013

Aloha! There are countless reasons to love Hawaii. Breathtaking views, pristine beaches, cold Mai Tai’s and welcoming locals, are just a few.

The most populous of the Hawaiian Islands, Oahu is part bustling metropolis, part nature wonderland. For those looking for a romantic getaway or unforgettable family vacation, it’s sure to delight.

Based on our exploration of the island, we’ve compiled our top picks for sightseeing and relaxation. Book your trip today to enjoy them for yourself.

Hawaiian Hiking

The mountainous terrain of Oahu offers unprecedented hiking opportunities. Climb to the top of the ranges for a bird’s eye view of the valleys, beaches, ocean and city below.

The most popular hike on the island is Diamond Head, which takes you up a segment of the Koʻolau Mountain Range to an old military observation platform with views of both the Pacific Ocean and Wakiki Beach below. Like most of the hikes on Oahu, it’s best to do this one in the morning before the afternoon heat, as it’s all up hill.

Our favorite hike, however, is the Lanikai Pillbox Hike in Kailua. While steep, you can hike the whole thing in about an hour and are rewarded with the most scenic views of the shores below. (The picture on this blog post was taken from the top.)

If you’re really feeling adventurous, there’s also the Haiku Stairs, which takes you up 3,922 stairs for a 360-degree view.

A Night Out on the Town

For all the action, head to Waikiki Beach—home to almost all the resorts on the island. Among this tourist mecca, you’ll find some of the best restaurants and shopping on the island, plus your fair share of street vendors. Enjoy free fireworks year-round on the beach every Friday night, courtesy of Hilton Hawaiian Village. Watch the night show over a late-dinner, or while enjoying a cocktail or shave ice.
For a bit more laid back atmosphere, but still great dining and some cool local shops, travel to the North Shore.

If you’re there between November and February, you may even glimpse the area’s famous waves, which are legendary throughout the surfing community.

Other cool places to grab a bite while you’re on the island include Kona Brewing Company, home of best craft beer on the island, and Ono Hawaiian Foods, a neighborhood dive well known for its traditional Hawaiian fare.

Beaches and Beyond

All beaches in Hawaii are public, so there are plenty of options to consider. Due to its proximity to the resorts, Waikiki Beach is often a popular destination. That said, some other great beaches include: Turtle Bay (sea turtles can usually be spotted here!), Lanikai Beach and Kailua Beach, among others.

Also, if you’re looking to snorkel, plan a trip to Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve or Shark’s Cove. (Note: For the latter, you need your own equipment.) Both offer clear, shallow water that is perfect for seeing marine life.

A Touch of History

Pearl Harbor, the site of the historic World War II battle, is a must-visit destination. Take the ferry out to the USS Arizona Memorial to pay your respects to those who lost their lives in the 1941 attack.
Or, for a bit of local history, plan a day at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Here, you’ll find exhibits, food and shows that give you a feel for the history of the island and the cultures that first inhabited it. The Center also has a great luau to end your day.

Visit Oahu!

Want to take a trip? Visit Last Minute Travel for great deals on Honolulu hotels. You can get a lot more info on Honolulu at our Destination Page.

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Whirlwind weekend in Vegas

February 24th, 2011

Travel is great in small or large doses (I prefer larger doses). But when you can’t get away for that long trip, a couple shorts trips can certainly suffice; which led my husband and I to lively Las Vegas. The best part about Sin City? Just two days is plenty! It’s long enough to get away from the daily grind, but short enough that you don’t feel totally exhausted.

We arrived Friday mid-morning and started the day by exploring our hotel resort. This weekend we chose to stay at Bellagio (I found a good deal on our site). We shopped, then dined in the Palazzo’s Dos Caminos–A New York restaurant we love, now also living on the West Coast. We finished dinner in plenty of time for Holly Madison’s super fun show at Planet Hollywood.

The next day began with massages at Bellagio Spa (any spa service gives you all-day access to the lovely spa), lunch next door at the new Cosmopolitan Hotel, shopping at nearby Caesars Palace, back to the spa to take advantage of the relaxing sauna (quite a nice retreat after the barrage of crowds on The Strip), and we finished the night with dinner and a show at our hotel.

All that in two days! What would you do with just 48 hours in Vegas?

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Enter for your chance to win

December 3rd, 2010

Remember to enter for your chance to win two free nights at the 4-star, beachfront Hotel Ocean Miami. Here’s how:

Just follow @LMTTweets on Twitter and RT (re-tweet) the contest Tweets as instructed. Then, those who follow and RT will be entered into a random drawing for those free hotel nights.

We’ll have one more promo before we say goodbye to 2010, so check back for another chance to win.

See official sweepstakes rules for“Travel Temptations .

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Paris and Orlando moving closer

September 22nd, 2010

Polish up your Joie De Vivre, Air France has announced it will begin non-stop flights between Orlando International Airport and Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport starting June 11.

“This is an effort we’ve had going on for probably 20 years to get into France from Orlando,” said Phil Brown, executive director of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, who said it took, “persistence with Air France to make it work.”

The addition of other international flights over the last few years has allowed Orlando International Airport to set a new annual record with 2.98 million international passengers arriving or departing in 2009. The airport reports that the 2010 pace also looks to be on record pace, up another 10 percent over last year.

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Two of the World’s Best Kept Secret Travel Destinations

June 11th, 2009

1. Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Sultan palaces, Buddhist Temples, miles and miles of rice fields and beautiful mountain views can be found here. Yogyakarta is located on the island of Java and is one of teh oldest towns in Indonesia.

The Prambanan Temple

2. Bimini Islands, Bahamas

Located in the Out Islands are North Bimini and South Bimini. They used to be popular outposts for rum runners. Bimini offers scuba diving and snorkeling over the mysterious Bimini Road that is believed to be built by the Atlantis engineers. Take a kayak out to the Fountain of Youth and you might even see some Atlantic spotted dolphins.

Wreck of the Sapona Scuba Diving

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Win a Free Cruise!

June 4th, 2009

Win a Free Cruise by becoming a Follower on our Twitter account. For more information and to view the terms and conditions go here:

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Website Review: Beta

October 31st, 2008

Buddyway.comThis website is pretty neat. In order to do a full review I would need to download the free mobile application and actually track a trip so if any of you are going on a trip soon and want to try it out please do and report back here.


Basically the BuddyWay mobile application is a GPS tracking system that tracks and saves your trips. You can then share them with your friends or view your trips in 3D by using Google Earth. Other tracking capabilities include: speed, altitude and even where you stopped to take breaks.

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Last Minute Travel Club Viral Video - 2008 Elections

October 16th, 2008