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Miami South Beach is the Travel Temptations Destination

October 27th, 2010

Last Minute Travel is giving away free hotel nights at popular locations across the country. To qualify, just follow @LMTTweets on Twitter and RT (re-tweet) the contest Tweets as instructed. Then, those who follow and RT will be entered into a random drawing for those free hotel nights. We’ll have a new RT promo about every two weeks, so be sure to check back for new hotel packages and additional chances to win.

Our next “Travel Temptation” is a 2 night stay at the South Beach Hotel located in the famed South Beach region of Miami? Do you still have that Don Johnson jacket in your closet, does reliving the movie Bird Cage rank high on your bucket list, or do you just like to sun in the day and party at night? Then you belong in South Beach.

While searching Last Minute Travel you’ll find that we also have a wide selection of Miami transportation and activities that you won’t find anywhere else.

Learn more about Miami and South Beach at our destination guide for the city.

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Last Minute Travel’s “Play To Play” Promotion is a Great Way to Travel for Even Less

April 19th, 2010

Chances are that by now you know all about Last Minute Travel’s fantastic travel deals and “last-minute prices in advance” credo. Hopefully you also know that this blog is a great place to get some fun ideas for things to do in all those destinations you’re visiting. In our opinion, it’s about time we also show you our appreciation for your continued readership. (Clearly, you’re worth it.) As a result, we’re launching a special program as a way of saying thanks. Great deals – even better than our usual deals – are coming your way! Of course, we’ll also have a little bit of fun along the way, so read on to see what’s up.

The program is called “Play To Play,” and it will help you find some hidden discounts on Last Minute Travel that are even better than our usual low prices (and create a little bit of fun along the way). Here’s how it works. Each week, we’ll highlight one of our top destinations – places like New York, Orlando, and Las Vegas – and offer extra discounts on hotels and activities in that city. The trick is that you have to figure out which city is the Play To Play city of the week. To do that, keep an eye out for hints, which will be posted each week on our Facebook fan page and Twitter profile. The hints will tell you how to uncover the name of each week’s Pay To Play city, and the final answer will be hidden in a post right here on this blog.

For example, you might be directed to look at the first letter of each sentence in one of our blog posts. You’d then come read the post to figure out the hint. To give you an idea of what we mean, check out the first letter of each sentence in the first paragraph of this particular blog post; you get none other than CHICAGO. Does that mean we’re offering special deals in Chicago this week? Indeed it does – and now all you have to do is go to our Chicago page to see exactly what they are. Now, we won’t make it quite this easy every week, but don’t worry, if you follow our Facebook page and Twitter profile and read this blog, you won’t have trouble tracking down all the great weekly deals.

That’s it! We hope you take the opportunity to “Play To Play” and find yourself some extra-special deals. The first real puzzle will be online next week. In the meantime, there really are some specials on our Chicago destination page, so go take a look now. We’ll see you next week!

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