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Last Minute Cruises to the Caribbean…

May 2nd, 2008

Last Minute Cruises to the Caribbean…

Find yourself dreaming of island hopping to a variety of tropical locales? Last minute Caribbean cruises bring your dreams to life. Stretching from the southern tip of Florida to South America, it is easy to see why the Caribbean is such a draw for last minute cruises. This paradise offers azure blue waves teeming with aquatic wildlife. Scattered throughout the sea are thousands of miles of sunny shoreline waiting for your toes to meet the surf. As if sun, sand and surf weren’t enough, this region offers so much more. Whether your interests lie in water activities, unique cruise cuisine, duty-free shopping, or experiencing traces of lingering European culture, discount Caribbean cruises bring you countless opportunities. Choosing a Caribbean cruise line gives you the chance to see not one destination, but a handful, each boasting its own unique flair.

These island destinations are so diverse that three separate Caribbean cruise areas have been defined, each with its own distinct and exotic ports of call. Western Caribbean cruises, Eastern Caribbean cruises (including the Bahamas), and Southern Caribbean cruises each put forth a unique perspective on the history, culture and geography of this vast tropical region.

You are able to vary your itinerary by choosing from a quick 4 day Caribbean cruise, or take your time on a 7 day Caribbean cruise. No matter which you choose, you’re guaranteed several island stops, each of which opens the door to a different slice of paradise.

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Don’t Miss…

▪ Climb Jamaica’s Dunn’s River Falls.
▪ Go mountain biking in Costa Rica’s rain forests.
▪ Snorkel with stingrays.
▪ Go horseback riding on the beach.
▪ Dive 800 feet below sea level in a research submarine.
▪ Discover the inhabitants of a coral reef on a glass-bottomed boat.
▪ Explore ancient civilizations as you climb mysterious Mayan pyramids

Find a Caribbean Cruise Deal…

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