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April 24th, 2008


A minimun of three days are needed to get to know the place. Potosi in an intricate marvelous laberrynth of narrow streets, an endless pattern of railways going up and down covered by wires hanging from building with wooden colonial balconies, silent witnesses of what it once was: one of the biggest and richest cities of the world and certainly the most populated in the americann continent. It is an exhausting but captivating city at the same time. The city was founded in 1545 just a mining town, spread over the slopes of the cerro Rico, its reason for being, the 4.800 metre mount dominating the horizon. Its decadence started in the last decades of the siglo 18, when the mining industry was in a state of stagnation as a consequence of the exhustiion of the richest veins and the old technologies used. Nowadays, after 500 years of explotations, its scarce useful lie will be totally exhastued after waht is left of tin and cinc in the hill is extracted. Some of the more tahn 300 mines may be visited by means of excursions, quite impresive for many. “If GOD is in heaven, then we are the Devil’s dominions”, the miners explained!!! They offered Alcohol, cigarrettes and coca to obtain protection and permission to take the metal from the depth of the earth.

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