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Acapulco, Mexico

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Acapulco Dining

Being on the Acapulco bay surrounded by lush mountains and nature means that your food is going to be fresh all the time. In addition, the size of Acapulco means that you’re going to have endless options at your fingertips. Dining in Acapulco is a great experience because Acapulco is home to some of the highest quality restaurants in Mexico. Romantic seafood restaurants line the coast and offer great views from the hills above. If you’re interested in finding some more casual eating spots, Senior Frogs and Hooters can be found on the south bay for reasonable prices.

A Romantic Dinner
If you want a gorgeous view of the city and a private romantic dinner for your dining in Acapulco experience, sweep you’re lover off their feet and go to Kookaburra in the Diamond Zone. This dining gem is located on an outlying hill overlooking the bay, giving you a stunning view and a fabulous atmosphere. Here you can watch the sun set over red lobster and capture the beauty of the sparkling city over fine wine. This delicious fish and seafood restaurant is one of the greatest places to grab a juicy seafood platter, stare into the eyes of your loved one and watch the glittering city lights together over a bottle of wine.

Well-Known option
If you want to enjoy dining in Acapulco with a traditional, well-known atmosphere, then you should go El Amigo Miguel. Located near the Zocalo, or Main Square off of Costera Avenue, you’ll find this cozy and well-known place a great option to dine at. One of the best dishes that the restaurant serves is the Special Fish or the Filet Miguel. Stuffed with sea fruits and coated with a warm creamy sauce this dish is sure to be a highlight on your trip.

Burgers, Beer and More
Mexico’s famous Senior Frog is a great place to soak up Acapulcos’s casual atmosphere. It has if all, from burgers to beers to tequila. This is a place where tourists come to enjoy a fresh yard house beer and to meet other young and single tourists. Enjoy the carefree tourist attitude and enjoy this enclave while dining in Acapulco.

Acapulco Nightlife
At night, Acapulco is alive and buzzing with a vibrant nightlife scene. This is said to be Mexico’s city that never sleeps, and vacationers are encouraged to get in on the exciting nightlife scene. Stunning nightclubs, some of the largest in Latin America, give the city a cosmopolitan atmosphere with a comforting ocean breeze. Here, people enjoy the relaxing cool nights and party till the sun comes up.

Since spring break tours from the United States have become increasingly popular in Acapulco, many bars and clubs have signed special contracts during the spring months with US travel companies to fill their clubs and bars night after night. However, these clubs and bars are all located within one mile of each other, and if you’re looking for something a little more authentic it won’t be difficult to find.

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