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Acapulco, Mexico

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Acapulco Hotels

Whether you’re on a short getaway or a well-deserved holiday, Acapulco is the type of destination one never forgets. It boasts an unrivaled nightlife, amazing things to see, superb shopping and a line up of accommodations to please the discerning traveler. 
Acapulco hotels are situated on the scenic shores of the bay, nestled amidst majestic mountains and in the heart of its busy districts. So if you have to attend a business conference, you can always combine duty with pleasure. 
But don’t assume Acapulco hotels will leave you penniless. The board of tourism has ensured that anyone visiting the Latin city that “never sleeps” can afford a memorable time. So pick among the wide range of luxury Acapulco hotels, the inexpensive yet fabulous properties or small guest houses that offer the same perks that Acapulco hotels do.             
Consider the Park Royal, the only all-inclusive among the portfolio of Acapulco hotels. It’s a five-star establishment that’s inviting to anyone who appreciates sublime views and outstanding cuisine. With 224 rooms showcasing cable television, large size beds, private balcony and spacious bathrooms, you won’t want to go home. And with its friendly multi-lingual staff, a state of the art gymnasium, three cocktail lounges and two swimming pools, chances are you’ll be back on your next break.     
Another favorite among out-of-towners and hospitality connoisseurs is the Copacabana, one of the top Acapulco hotels. It’s situated in the famed “golden zone” within walking distance to discos, golf courses, eateries and across the way from the convention center. What’s so unique is the fact that all its balconies face the Acapulco Bay. Bedrooms are fitted with imported marble floors, air conditioning, high speed Internet and a dining table for room service. On premises you’ll encounter three swimming pools and game rooms. And like in other classy Acapulco hotels, you’ll get the chance to savor the world-renowned Mexican gastronomy.   
If you prefer to be surrounded by the mountain ranges, Camino Real Acapulco Diamante ranks as one of the best Acapulco hotels. It boasts panoramic vistas of the Bay of Port Marques and possesses an unusual look. You’ll notice that at first glance it seems as if it was carved out of rock. Choose a suite with a terrace and you’ll have the opportunity to marvel in the lush vegetation and the different shades of blue of the waters. Inquire about the standard, super-saver, deluxe or Camino Real club suites. They each have a well chosen selection of amenities and comforts to make your stay enjoyable. These include complimentary morning newspaper, lavish breakfasts and evening refreshments.
And on the list of money saving Acapulco hotels is the Auto Hotel Ritz on the coastal avenue across from the seaside and big shopping centers. If you’re traveling with the kids, its proximity to the Papagayo Park will be an added plus. Dine on premises at Omega and admire the well-groomed gardens.    
You’ll find that Acapulco hotels are conveniently close to all attractions and exactly where you want to be.

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