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Acapulco, Mexico

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Acapulco Shopping

Acapulco shopping has a wide range of fabulous shopping venues for you to choose from. From great open-air markets where you can pick up the most authentic Mexican souvenirs to stunning air conditioned malls that offer the most popular European and American stores, the Acapulco shopper is sure to have a great array of shops at their disposal.

Artisans’ Mall
Acapulco shopping can mean strolling through the open-air market located across from the Plaza Bahia and enjoying the scenery. Here you can find great arts and crafts made by local artisans to take home for the right price. While the prices are not advertised, you can certainly still get a fabulous bargain and find unique gifts and art pieces.

Tip: Bargaining is the key. You can usually bring someone down 1/3 of the price from what they'd originally asked for. Don’t be shy; this is a custom that shop owners expect you to engage in.

The City Square
If you want to get the old world feel of Acapulco shopping, you should go to the city’s Zocalo, or City Square. In this beautiful plaza decorated by rubber and mango trees you’ll find hundreds of great shops full of jewelry, clothing crafts and gifts. It’s best to go here in the daytime and enjoy the open-air atmosphere bustling with locals and tourists alike.

The largest mall around
If you’re looking for a mall to shop in, then La Gran Plaza, the largest mall in Acapulco, is a great place to go and spend some money in. Here you’ll feel all of the comforts of home since the mall is modeled after American malls and has similar stores and prices. Every taxi driver will know where the mall is and it's very accessible from where most tourists stay on the beach.

One-of-a-kind gallery
If you want to enjoy some of the contemporary art scene in Acapulco shopping, then you should visit Eduardo Havlicek’s gallery. He is one of Acapulco’s premiere artists and you can see his work at the stunning Villa Vera resort. Most of his work is acrylic on canvas and makes for a stunning piece to bring back home. Shipping can easily be arranged and the gallery takes a wide range of payment options so that you can bring this unique piece of your Acapulco shopping experience back home with you.

Local artists
Near the Hyatt Regency hotel is one of Acapulco’s greatest artist hot spots, the Acapulco Culture Center. It’s here that Acapulco shopping offers up a fabulous array of small art galleries, crafts and live performances around the center, off the Costera, and you can enjoy an afternoon feeling the bohemian vibe of the city.

Great prices!
If you’re looking for beautiful summer clothing priced a little cheaper than what you pay in the States, then Costera Aleman is the place to go shopping. Since it is air conditioned, you can take a break from the heat during the hottest part of the day and enjoy these great clothing stores organized in a department store. In addition, there is a bowling alley, movie theatre and small food court to make the Acapulco shopping experience a great family experience to take advantage of during the hot mid-day

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