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Agra, India

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Agra Dining

Indian gastronomy is not just about curries. Every region offers diversity based on availability of products as well as religious beliefs. The Hindu Brahmins for example don’t eat foods containing onion, ginger or garlic. Mughlai cuisine is very popular for dining in Taj Mahal. It consists of baked meats, breads and chicken. Kabobs and Tandori dishes top the list of favorites. And if you’re in the mood for other flavors, you’ll find an array of international options.

The Spice Pavilion is the perfect choice for an exotic and romantic meal. Specialties include foods from different parts of India including prawns prepared in coconut milk. Dosas (rice pancakes) stuffed with potato and topped with a sweet sauce are also appetizing.

For magnificent vistas and superb dining in Taj Mahal, don’t miss Mughal Room atop the Clark Shiraz Hotel. Dishes represent Mughlai and continental fusion. Tandori fish is one of the chef’s best.

After a day at the Taj, a romantic restaurant is in order. Bellevue is a favorite of visitors. It’s located at the Oberoi Hotel and boasts international cuisine of the finest quality. Duck prepared in chilies, mustard and coconut milk tops the list of most ordered dishes. It’s fine dining in Taj Mahal.

For a change of pace, try authentic Chinese food at the elegant Mandarin Restaurant. Hot and spicy is the way to describe most dishes. However, outstanding dim sum and sticky buns are prepared fresh daily.

Another must among elegant venues is Jhankar at Hotel Taj. It’s known for superb Chinese and Indian fusion fare. Seafood with hot and spicy sauce ranks tops. Its romantic dining room is inviting and worth the cost.

One of the hottest spots in town is Capri. It serves authentic Mughlai Kebabs and traditional Dham. This festive meal is made with rice, red kidney beans cooked in yoghurt and lentil mash. A sweet sauce is used to top the rice. Meat is added upon request.

Tip: Don’t miss the sweet rice made with dried fruits and raisins. It’s a tasty dessert.

If you’d like a variation of flavors, try the Olive Garden for a simple Italian meal. Bottomless salad bowls and limitless minestrone soup are everyone’s favorites. It’s ideal for dining in Taj Mahal.

And if you’re not sure whether you’ll like Indian cuisine, head to the Grand Buffet. It’s a great opportunity to taste something from every region of the country. The prices are also very reasonable and include drinks as well as dessert.

For the budget minded who want a simple meal on the run, Pizza Hut is a perfect choice. The salad bar is filled with regional specialties like bamboo shoots and miniature corn.

Gazebo Restaurant is set inside a courtyard offering beautiful garden surroundings. Try the crabs or grilled fish.

Hot Bites is popular among locals. But when ordering Bombay duck, beware that it’s sliced sun-dried fish. It’s nothing to do with duck. It’s very tasty and another fine example of Indian cuisine.

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