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Agra, India

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Agra Shopping

You may not have considered traveling to Taj Mahal for its shopping, but to every visitor’s surprise, the areas near the Taj Mahal offers superb opportunities for buying unique items and bringing home amazing gifts.

Agra (home of the Taj Mahal) has large bazaar style markets. The most popular one of Taj Mahal shopping is Sadar Bazaar. It’s the ideal venue for finding leather goods like handbags, jackets and belts. You’ll even find decorative items made of brass. And of course they carry traditional sweets known as “petha and dalmoth.” These are made from thick curled milk or smooth cottage cheese.

Taj Ganj is another fabulous market. Shop for miniature replicas of Taj, boxes with inlaid semi-precious stones, elephant figurines and marble tabletops.

Kinari Bazaar is a fun place for Taj Mahal shopping. Its large selection of jewelry with Mughal designs makes it a sought out market.

Munro and Gwalilor Roads display stalls with traditional merchandise. You can buy miniature figurines and leather ware. You’ll also find textiles and sandalwood gifts.

Pratap Pura at the end of the road is not to be missed. Its collection of embroideries, carpets and textiles are worth paying the fee for excess luggage.

Shopping Centers
The Taj Mahal area has large complexes filled with fabulous shops.

TDI Mall is one of the largest. You can shop for Indian silks as well as international brand clothing. Some of the local shops offer custom tailoring. It’s a great option for Taj Mahal shopping.

Ashok Cosmos Mall offers great entertainment for the entire family as well as a vast selection of shops. Don’t miss the Durries and silk carpets. Several home accessory stores specialize in marble table tops and vanities.

Pacific Taj Mall is one of the most recognized complexes for Taj Mahal shopping. It’s beautiful inside and out and houses a large selection of clothing and accessories stores. There’s a food court with different types of cuisine as well as an entertainment center.

For a unique experience, Omaxe Wedding Mall is not to be missed. This large complex is filled with fun shops designed for that special day. There’s an elegant banquet hall. And at the food court you can savor some of the foods available for catering the wedding. Browse through the different jewelry stores.

Specialty Shops
Handicrafts shops top the list of best Taj Mahal shopping. Bipin is among favorites. It’s an excellent choice for stone made items, Durries and fine embroidery.

Don’t miss browsing through Kashmir Handicrafts. You’ll find isles of marble tops, inlay plates, alabaster lamps, coaster sets and more. You could spend an entire day here.

And if you’d like to bring home a beautiful marble table top, Marble Krafts is the best choice. This family owned business specializes in creative designs using semi-precious stones.

Munshi’ Ganeshi Lal & Sons is a must. They display paintings and crafts from all throughout India.

After a day of shopping, you’ll agree it’s another amazing feature of a trip to Taj Mahal.

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