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Albufeira, Portugal

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Albufeira Attractions

Albufeira offers many unique sights to visit. From ancient castles to Copper mines that are thousands of years old, there are plenty of interesting spots to see.

Poderne Castle is one of the interesting Albufeira attractions. It was built by the Moors in the 12th century. It’s one of the seven castles represented on the Portuguese flag. You can still see the Roman bridge.

Another important Albufeira attraction is the Castelo De Silves. It sits on the highest peak of the city. Its importance lies in the fact that it once served as a defensive point. It was also the residence of the Moorish monarchs. It has eleven impressive towers.

Cova dos Mouros Mine Park is among the most astonishing Albufeira attractions. Visitors can see what’s left of copper mines that go back to 2,500 BC. Copper artifacts have been dug up along with Iron Age grave markers and tombs from the Roman period. A lecturer explains the techniques by which mining was done throughout the centuries. It’s very informative.

For Relaxation
The Vilalara Thalassa is said to be one of the most sought out spas in Europe. It boasts unique seawater treatments that promote health and youth. It’s the favorite of several members of Europe’s’ Royal families. It’s a must for anyone seeking relaxation. The algae wraps are said to be an outstanding therapy and guaranteed to leave you revitalized. You may even purchase bath salts and cosmetics at the gift shop. It’s one of the Albufeira attractions that should not to be missed.

The Monchique Thermal Baths are sublime if you want to get rid of all forms of stress. There are some who say the mineral waters possess magical qualities. The Romans believed it kept them young. Enjoy the rich waters - they’re among Albufeira's best attractions.

And for those who enjoy a relaxing day on the golf course, Quinta do Lago is a must. This 18-hole course is filled with challenges. It has been the site of the Portugal Open on several occasions.

Museums and Galleries
The Albufeira Museum is considered the most ornate of Albufeira attractions. Its interior is well decorated and serves as backdrop to large collections of 15th and 17th century Ming ceramics.

The latest addition to Albufeira attractions is the Archaeological Museum. There are four sections showcasing artifacts and drawings from Prehistoric, Roman, Islamic and modern times. The gift show displays colorful books and posters of items seen throughout.

The Municipal Gallery is usually open during the summer season. It holds exhibitions of up and coming artists. Visitors can see works in progress or purchase some of the completed pieces.

The Gallery of Art is home to the talent of Portuguese Samora Barros. His creations are inspired by the scenic vistas of the Algarve and have become popular throughout Europe. It’s a must see.

Nature lovers will definitely enjoy a walk or hike through the Rio Formosa Nature Preserve. It spans around 37 miles across the coastline and it’s home to an amazing variety of bird species. It’s the perfect place for a picnic. It’s one of the beautiful Albufeira attractions.
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