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Albufeira, Portugal

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Albufeira Overview

Albufeira is an amazing place suited for families who want to enjoy time with their children. It’s also ideal for youngsters who seek a thriving nightlife. It’s perfect for couples seeking romance and passion. It’s sublime for those looking to have fun in the sun. In short, it’s the perfect location for making vacationers deliriously happy. You won’t find many places like it.

Albufeira is located in the Algarve region of southern Portugal. It’s a popular vacation spot for people of all ages. The beaches of Albufeira are wide and surrounded by beautiful scenic cliffs. They’re lined by restaurants, cafes and shops. Water sports aficionados can enjoy everything from sailing to deep sea fishing. Albufeira has a marina where you can dock your yacht or rent one for the afternoon. There are golf courses that offer exceptional and challenging opportunities.

Albufeira was once a Roman fortification and a Moorish holding. It survived a serious earthquake in the 1700s. Albufeira remains one of the most visited areas in Portugal. It has preserved the charm of its narrow streets lined with small pastel color houses. Its new section on the east side, known as “new Albufeira,” is the hub of activity after the sun goes down. Everyone flocks to the clubs, bars and cafes that promise fun until late hours of the night.

Getting to Albufeira is fairly simple. Just take a flight into Faro Airport and you’re only a few minutes away for vacation paradise. Getting around is easy as well. Several restaurants and resorts offer free shuttle service. Taxis and buses are another option and are not expensive.

The weather of Albufeira makes it the perfect place to visit year round. Summers are hot and dry while winters are mild and comfortable.

Albufeira is such a popular destination that there are restaurants from all corners of the globe. The truth is that they’re truly divine. Portuguese cuisine boasts creative preparation methods. One of the most popular is the cataplana. An egg shaped pot is filled with fresh seafood, shellfish and seasonings. It’s closed tight and placed on charcoals to cook slowly. The result is a succulent array of flavors that explode in your mouth with every bite. Caldeirada (fish stew) is another traditional Albufeira dish. Grilled sardines are a favorite as well. They’re usually prepared at most beachfront eateries.

While visiting Albufeira, taste the local wines; it’s a real treat. The sandy soil of the region contributes to their fruity rich flavors. They’re also famous for their robustness and low-acidity. They’re produced in wineries in Albufeira and several have been recognized with awards.

In Albufeira, there’s much in terms of interesting attractions. Castles, museums and galleries tell its history. Albufeira is about exceptional shopping as well as unique ways in which to relax. It’s said that members of European Royal families often come to Albufeira. They visit the thalassotherapy complex that promises eternal youth. So you know that if it’s the right place for the royals, it's sure to be the ideal place for you.

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