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Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA

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Altamonte Springs Dining

If you’re looking for great food in Altamonte Springs, you’ll surely be impressed with the dining options in this city as there's a wide variety of great food and hot dining spots. Dining in Altamonte Springs means that you’ll have a wide variety of choices; try the best Italian food, New York style pizza, Indian seafood, Japanese food and so much more! These restaurants are sure to spice up your trip.

Silvanos Ristorante Italiano
If you prefer fine Italian cuisine while dining in Altamonte Springs, then try Silvanos Ristorante Italiano. This place has some of the best Italian dishes to be found in Florida. The booths, benches and tables offer a cozy place for families to eat with ambient lighting and soft music. The service is always professional and the food is both filling and tasty.  

Brothers New York Style Pizza
Another top place for dining in Altamonte Springs is Brothers New York Style Pizza. This is a great place to enjoy a real cheesy pizza and fresh baked calzone with your family. This venue also has some of the best lunch specials in town.

Mimi’s Café
Originally from California, Mimi’s Café is a hometown sweetheart of a café that is sure to make any American feel like they are right at home. Mimi’s Cafe is a great place to enjoy the southern comfort foods that Americans keep so close to their hearts. Come in and try one of their famous recipes: Buttermilk Spice Muffins, Corn Chowder, Mimi’s Bread Pudding, Whiskey Sauce or French Market Onion Soup. If you’re dining in Altamonte Springs, this is a great venue to bring your family without breaking the bank.

Kobi’s Japanese Steakhouse
At Kobi's Japanese Steakhouse, one of the best dishes to order is the chicken, shrimp and scallop dish. The warm atmosphere of this restaurant makes this an ideal place to take pictures and to spend time with your family. Spending a little extra on this outing is surely well worth your time, making it one of the best dining in Altamonte Springs experiences.

When you walk into this Indian restaurant, you’ll feel like you’re in the Taj Mahal. The decor includes exquisite hanging tapestries, red carpets and ornate tablecloths. This tasty Indian restaurant is split-level with private party rooms that you can rent out for big groups or cozy nooks where you can share a private dinner for two. The chef offers delicious Indian specials with rice dishes, tandorri meats, shrimp and lobster specialties, all served with soup and a vegetable selection.

Tip: Ever had your Thanksgiving dinner Indian food style? If you’re in the area during Thanksgiving, this restaurant has a great Indian style Thanksgiving that you can try out and enjoy all of your favorite Thanksgiving foods, except with an Indian twist.


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