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Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Amsterdam Dining

Dining in Amsterdam can be enjoyable on many levels; the culinary selection is simply scrumptious and the atmosphere in many dining establishments is one you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

International Cuisine
Enjoy some Chinese buffet style eating at Dim Sum Court, of which you’ll find two locations, where vegetarian and vegan dishes are available as well. If you want to try some tasty Indian food, be sure to stop at Restaurant Dosa, where you can enjoy some Southern Indian Cuisine where the dosa’s are exceptionally delicious!
For reasonably priced French cuisine, be sure to taste a dish at En Route, and for some delicious and affordable Indonesian food, be sure to stop at Sari Citra.
At Pancakes! Amsterdam you’ll enjoy a quaint atmosphere with a variety of different pancakes, and at La Margarita you can enjoy some delightful Mexican cuisine.
Try Los Lations for a delicious South American grilled steak, and be sure to get a burger from Burger-Bar for the best burgers in town!
At Dimitrij, you’ll find some interesting and delicious different kinds of sandwiches and salads.
When dining in Amsterdam, you’ll also be sure to enjoy breakfast foods at spots like Gary’s Muffins, where you’ll enjoy bagels and muffins in a cozy environment, along with other goodies like cheesecake! At Barney’s, you’ll find the best breakfast in town with delightful outside seating.

Dining Areas
When dining in Amsterdam, you’ll find a wide selection of Surinamese restaurants in the Albert Cypstraat, and you’ll find restaurants of all kinds in the Haarlemmerstraat and the Haarlemmerdijk, as well as the little streets that cross both of them. Be sure to check out the Van Woustraat in the Pijp, but if you’re looking for some fine dining stroll through the Utrechtse Straat. Tasty and cheap Chinese food can be found in the Zeedijk and Nieuwmarkt area.

Tip: If you’re looking for a good steak house, avoid the ones in the center as they’re overpriced for their level of quality.

When dining in Amsterdam, be sure to try some famous Dutch foods to please your palate and get a taste of the Netherlands. Stop at Greetje to find some traditional Dutch dishes you won’t find anywhere else, where the service is friendly, professional and the atmosphere is enjoyable. Try the mouth watering fish dishes found in Damsteeg, where you can also find meat dishes, vegetarian dishes, and a bar as well.

Culinary Contributions from Amsterdam
If you’re new to the city, treat yourself to some of the foods Amsterdam has contributed to the world. Try the mouth watering bitterballen or the kroketten, a type of fried meatball (they have different shapes), or the broodje haring, which is a herring sandwich. In November and December, you’ll discover oliebollen, which are sweet fried round pieces of dough that have raisins in them topped with powdered sugar. Whatever your taste may be, you can rest assured that Amsterdam will cater to your needs, as there is a wide variety of different foods all over this gorgeous city!

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