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Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Amsterdam Overview

The city of Amsterdam is famous for many tourist attractions, including the unique shopping areas such as the Nine Streets, the street markets, and the area near the museum quarter. Cafes are a popular past-time among tourists to Amsterdam, and the Red Light District is famous for adult entertainment. There are many famous sites and museums to visit in Amsterdam, including the Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Verzetsmuseum. Be sure to rent a bike and ride around the city to see the different historical sights and monuments; it’s a popular way to get around the city even for the locals!

The name of this famous city, Amsterdam, is derived from its origin: a dam in the river of Amstel, and was granted city rights in the early 1300s. Located in the western part of the Netherlands, it is the largest city in the country as well as the capital. Additionally, As the financial and cultural capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam serves as the headquarters for many large companies, and has a history of being one of the wealthiest cities in the world.

Nicknamed the Venice of the North, Amsterdam is culturally cultivated and famous for being a unique spot to vacation. Theatre and arts are huge in Amsterdam, and opera could be seen in Amsterdam as early as 1677. The main theatre building in Amsterdam is the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, which dates back to 1894 and is currently being renovated and expanded. The opera house of Amsterdam and the city hall (situated near each other) are often jointly called the Stopera, and is the home base of De Nederlandse Opera, Het Nationale Ballet, and the Holland Symfonia. The city of Amsterdam boasts making huge advancements in European Classical music, as the metronome was invented there in 1812.

Along with culture, the city itself is gorgeous and diverse, so make sure to view the city’s canals, natural parks and beautiful streets. Also, be sure not to miss out on visiting the older parts of the city where the architecture is magnificent.
The city of Amsterdam holds many different cultural events throughout the year including festivals you surely won’t want to miss! Some of these include Gay Pride, where there is a long parade of boats on canals of Amsterdam where extravagantly dressed people wave to the crowds. Another is Uitmarkt, a cultural event that lasts three days for artists, musicians and poets. One of the most famous festivals is the Koninginnedag (or Queensday), held on the 30th of April every year (unless it’s a Sunday), when tens of thousands of people descend on the city to join in on the festivities!

So come and see for yourself what the city of Amsterdam holds for you, as the city holds pleasures for everyone with any taste and style. The cultural uniqueness of the city may take you by surprise, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying all the sights, sounds, and attractions the city of Amsterdam offers. It truly makes for a vacation to remember!

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