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Anchorage, Alaska, USA

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Anchorage Attractions

Anchorage is surrounded by six mountain ranges providing outstanding scenery. There are a number of sites visitors should check out that hold historical significance and offer adventure throughout the entire year. Once you visit the Anchorage attractions you’ll want to keep coming back to this amazing destination.

A must for all travelers is the Anchorage Museum of History and Art. It’s divided into different sections and features more than 1,000 pieces relating history, art and traditions of Alaska. The collection of photography is magnificent.

The Alaska Native Heritage Center is another ideal venue for visitors to enjoy Alaska’s rich culture. It’s also among the popular Anchorage attractions as it features a life size village and a crafts making station. Several galleries showcase artifacts that relate the history of the State and its native people.

Another must see among Anchorage attractions is the Museum of Native Artifacts. It shows actual size replicas of native homes as well as a selection of outstanding paintings. The image of Mount McKinley by Sydney Laurence is world renowned.

History aficionados will enjoy a visit to the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum showing restored planes from 1924 through 1960. There are also several displays of aviators’ gear, biographies, photographs and stories. Several documents explain Alaska’s input during World War II.

The monument commemorating Alaska’s statehood is of the outmost importance among Anchorage attractions. It not only celebrates the 75th anniversary of the date when President Eisenhower declared it a State, it’s a really good spot from where to see the entire valley. It’s also the site where it all began with settlers establishing tent city in 1915.

The Potter Section House, built in 1929, is also on the list of landmarks and iconic Anchorage attractions. It was the original home for the workers who serviced the Alaska Railroad. This house is listed on the Registry of Historic Sites. Don’t miss the original railroad car sitting in the back yard. It’s a piece of the past that should not be missed.

The Holy Family Cathedral is not large or impressive but ranks high among the most visited Anchorage attractions. It was moved in 1920 from Knik, a smaller city by way of horse and sleigh. There’s a beautiful statue of a saint and a plaque celebrating the day in which Pope John Paul II visited in 1981.


Nature lovers will marvel at the beauty of Chugach State Park. Its 500,000 acres are located entirely within Anchorage. It’s the ideal Anchorage attraction for those who wish to observe the region’s wildlife. You can stay overnight at one of the three camp grounds or spend the day hiking up to Flat Top Mountain.

Nestled in the center of downtown Anchorage, travelers can stand on the platform of Ship Creek. From there they can watch as salmon rebelliously jump while trying to avoid getting caught by fishermen. Every day between spring and autumn, more than 24 million gallons of water rush through this creek. It’s a most enjoyable Anchorage attraction.

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