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Anchorage, Alaska, USA

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Anchorage Overview

Anchorage is a modern city set amidst some of the most breathtaking scenery on the continent and surrounded by vast wilderness. This Alaska gem is not just a winter wonderland, but also a plethora of endless activities available year round.

Anchorage’s weather is sub-arctic which means it has mild summers and cold winters. At the same time, you’ll never find a more exciting place to visit during the cold season than Anchorage. The city boasts superb cross-country skiing with more than 100 miles of ski trails. It’s also the site of the start of the Iditarod sled dog race, the International Ice Carving competition and cultural events that include internationally renowned concerts. Anchorage is also home to the biggest and most exciting winter festivals on the continent. It features dog sleds, the Miners and Trappers’ Ball, snow shoe racing and arts and crafts exhibitions. You’ll never feel cold as while in Anchorage visitors can purchase musk ox. This rare fiber is taken from the undercoat of the musk. It’s ten times warmer than wool and is light as a feather.

Anchorage boasts the cleanest waters in the world and is rich in salmon and halibut. This is a very attractive feature for those who enjoy dining on superb seafood ,and that’s exactly what tourists find when coming to Anchorage. Restaurants and eateries feature the finest quality fish and shellfish, steaks and American style cooking. Breweries produce award winning beers and Anchorage treats are made for out-of-towners to enjoy. Of the most popular are the reindeer sausages and the wild-berry jams.

When it comes to shopping, Anchorage is pretty unique. Visitors who purchase a handicraft in Anchorage are actually taking a piece of Alaska home with them. Everything comes from local resources and is creatively made to capture the soul of the land. Take for example the small statues of bears or moose. These are cut, carved, and polished stones from local quarries. And to fillet your fish or chop vegetables, you’ll want to get an Ulu knife invented by the Eskimos.
Anchorage is also the venue for buying gold and exquisite jewelry. It’s the place to buy haute couture and elegant fur. You can shop at specialty boutiques or at large retail malls.

Anchorage is rich in culture with an impressive number of museums and galleries as well as eight performing arts companies. You can expect events throughout the year including festivals. Of the most important venues where tourists can gain insight into the history and traditions of the different people of Anchorage is the Alaska Native Heritage Center. And at the Anchorage Museum, tourists can appreciate works of art inspired by the beauty of the region.

Anchorage has unparalleled beauty and everyone can enjoy it. With parks and green areas throughout the city, travelers can admire the scenery while sitting at a picnic. Or you can spend the afternoon watching salmon jump against the currents right in the middle of the city parks. And if watching nature isn’t really your thing, Anchorage offers an array of spectator sports events from hockey to baseball.

Anchorage offers endless amazement and promises to be a memorable vacation destination.


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