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Antigua, Antigua And Barbuda

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Antigua Attractions

There’s a very long list of reasons why travelers should choose these two islands for a vacation destination. However, the strongest reason is the long list of excellent Antigua and Barbuda attractions and activities.

Historical Landmarks
Among the most important landmarks is Betty’s Hope Sugar Plantation. This was the first sugar plantation, originally created by Sir Christopher Codrington, who named it “Betty’s” after his daughter. A visit to the museum is important, as it relates the plantation’s historic importance.

Another site of historical interest is Fort James. This fortification was constructed at the beginning of the 18th century for the purpose of guarding St. John’s harbor. The walls and cannons are still in good condition. The view of the harbor is its most impressive feature.

Nelson’s Dockyard is another important place to visit. It’s been called the most beautiful harbor in the Caribbean. Its location was used as a strategic position (English Harbor) by Naval Admiral Nelson. It was strategic during the Napoleonic wars.

If you happen to be near Shirley Heights, don’t miss a visit to the cemetery. The obelisk in the center was built to honor the soldiers of the 54th regiment. Shirley Heights was an old fort built in the late 18th century. Locals frequent this park for the barbecue and live entertainment with reggae music on weekends.

With so much of the islands’ history tied to Sir Codrington, don’t miss a visit to what’s left of his Estate; the tour is quite enlightening.

On your way to see the many different Antiguq and Barbuda attractions, marvel in the beauty of blue lagoons, volcanic hills, and breathtaking scenery that these islands offer.

Museums and Galleries
Antigua and Barbuda attractions include museums of historical and artistic interest. Harmony Hall Art Gallery is both a gallery and museum combined. It houses collections of arts and crafts from different periods.

The Museum of Antigua and Barbuda is an institution. You’ll learn about the history of the two islands, from their origins until today.

Of course, the Museum located at Nelson’s Dockyard, on English Harbor, is a must. It’s an amazing place to learn about the battles and conquests of the British Naval forces.

Most tourists ignore the existence of Seaview Village. The slaves that inhabited this area began making pottery in the early 18th century. They used the clay from nearby pits to create cooking and storage pots. Today, it’s a place to purchase pottery and learn about the evolution of this art.

The Frigate Bird Sanctuary is a must for visitors. It’s located in the Northwestern section of Barbuda and accessible only by boat. Here, you’ll see more than 170 species of birds as well as the Frigate bird. This is a black and white bird, whose wings span four to five feet.

Antigua and Barbuda attractions are also about commuting with nature, enjoying the great scenery and relaxing on pink and white beaches.

A trip to the islands will leave you relaxed and renewed.
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