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Antigua, Antigua And Barbuda

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Antigua Overview

With so many fabulous island resorts to visit in the Caribbean, travelers have countless reasons to choose Antigua and Barbuda. These two islands are ideal spots for a great vacation and they offer warm summers and pleasant winters. They’re the sunniest islands on the Eastern Caribbean. North-trade winds make the islands the perfect site for great nautical events such as “sailing week.” White and pink sandy beaches grace the coastlines of both Antigua and Barbuda, making it a fabulous site for sun worshippers and relaxation seekers. Nature lovers will appreciate exploring rainforests, bird sanctuaries and caves. Those seeking adventure will be happy to know that this is also home to the largest casino in the Caribbean. And for other types of adventure, there’s an array of coral reefs that attract scuba divers worldwide.

It’s been said that the people of these islands are some of the world’s friendliest. This is evident in the excellent service provided throughout resorts, restaurants and luxury spas. Antigua and Barbuda are also centers for art and culture as seen by the many museums and art galleries available for visitors. Shoppers, hold on to you wallets, because here, you’ll find the most amazing jewelry shops of the Caribbean. Best of all, most shops offer duty-free shopping.

These two amazing vacation destinations are an island nation on the Eastern Caribbean Sea and form part of the Lesser Antilles. The culture of the two islands is mainly British, though there’s a strong American influence. The history of Antigua and Barbuda is tied in with the legendary British Admirals who brought in their naval fleets in the 1700s. The most famous of these Admirals is Horatio Nelson. The islands became slave-free in 1834 and gained their independence in 1981. The islands’ landscapes include old stone windmills, remnants of the sugar plantations created by the British. The first sugar estate was built by Sir Christopher Codrington in 1674. Africans were brought here as slaves to work in the fields. This industry brought fast development and growth to the islands.

The islands also boast important historic remnants of fortifications, once built to keep invaders out. The most important is Nelson’s Dockyard, located on a high strategic point. The fort was of utter importance during the Napoleonic wars. It’s now an interesting museum and National Park.

Though Antigua and Barbuda boast great resorts and restaurants, the latter remains underdeveloped. It’s a nature lover’s paradise; it’s home to the Frigate bird sanctuary, built around a large blue lagoon. It’s also a place to explore, hunt, fish and see the shipwrecks. Though still underdeveloped, it’s also an island with great restaurants offering Barbudan cuisine. This consists of fresh seafood such as ducasa and conch; it also includes lobster, land turtle and deer meat.
Shopping on the island is a treat, with small boutiques selling arts and crafts and beautiful beach wear.

It’s no wonder that these two islands have been named the best wedding and honeymoon destinations. See for yourself; you’ll have the best time imaginable.

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