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Antigua, Antigua And Barbuda

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Antigua Shopping

Antigua and Barbuda shopping offers the best opportunities for purchasing unique jewelry, watches and fashion at great prices. There are even a number of duty-free shops on both islands.

A great place to begin your shopping excursion is in St. John’s. Walk around Redcliffe and Heritage Quays, where you’ll find many Caribbean style boutiques. If you are shopping for island fashion, this is usually clothing to be worn around the beach. However, it can also be worn in the evening with the addition of a few accessories.

Specialty Shops
Antigua and Barbuda shopping is famous for great jewelry buying opportunities. Not just any jewelry, but uniquely crafted pieces with rare stones. The islands are also ideal for finding the right diamond. You’ll find best quality diamonds at Diamonds International. They carry a large selection of jewelry and gemstones. A graduate gemologist is available to assist you in choosing the right piece for you.

A shop not to be missed is a Thousand Flowers Historic Redcliffe Quay. It’s a recognizable landmark of St. John’s. This yellow and red house has the best selection of island clothing.

If you’d like to find china and crystal, go to Abbott’s. It’s an ideal place to purchase English bone china and Bohemian crystal. Mr. Abbott is also a jewelry importer. His selection of bracelets and necklaces are distinctly unique. The shop is an authorized dealer of Rolex and Omega watches.

The best emeralds from Colombia can be found at Colombian Emeralds International. You’ll also find good quality rubies, sapphires and diamonds.

You can’t leave the islands without a visit to Heritage Sports, the place for sports wear and beautiful swim wear. You’ll also find all types of sports equipment from fishing rods to tennis rackets.

Art lovers must head to Jacaranda for great Antigua and Barbuda shopping. You’ll enjoy La Petite Galerie, a small shop offering paintings and metal-sculptures. Most paintings reflect the beauty of the landscape and coastal vistas. At Jacaranda, you’ll find ornaments and Caribbean fashion. You’ll also find original Island fragrances, herbs, spices, coffee and tea.

Tip: Jacaranda is the perfect place to purchase hand made island prints and postcards.

Photography aficionados should not miss the opportunity of visiting Island Photo. It’s not only convenient for developing photos; it offers a complete selection of equipment. It’s also the place to get photography tips.

Sun worshippers will enjoy Sunseakers Heritage Quay. The shop is home to true swimwear fashion, with names like Gottex, La Perla and more.

The islands hand-crafters take pride in their original creations. A visit to Gazebo will allow you to see a collection of ethnic furnishings, pottery and fabrics. The gazebo is housed within a cave.

World renowned designers have made these islands their home. One of them is Hans Smit. He owns The Goldsmith, a small boutique displaying unusual jewelry. His pieces are made with exotic stones like black opal, Nambian tourmaline, Imperial topaz and tanzanite.

You’ll agree that Antigua and Barbuda shopping is unique.

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