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Athens, Greece

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Athens Dining

In Athens, visitors will find all types of dining opportunities.  There’s everything from fancy restaurants to ouzeries.  These usually offer small dishes (mezedes) complimented with Ouzo, a licorice like aperitif.  There are also tavernas which feature a casual atmosphere with excellent local and regional fare.  And if you’re in a hurry to shop or sightsee, there are plenty of souvlaki shops.  They’re normally inexpensive and the food is sublime. 

Housed inside a traditional historic building, visitors will find Petrino.  The locals call it a “Garden of Eden” and when you set foot inside you’ll understand why.  The stunning exterior is a combination of running waterfalls, a swimming pool, manicured lawns and colorful flower beds.  Inside you’ll experience traditional Greek décor with simple yet elegant touches.  It’s relaxing and the ideal place to enjoy outstanding international cuisine.  The menu boasts a nice selection of mezedes like grilled octopus and prawns.  This is said to be among the best venues for dining in Athens. 

For those with a yearning for the exotic, Far East will not disappoint.  For the past few years it has become one of the most frequented restaurant, in the city and is at the top of critic’s lists for dining in Athens.  Entrees feature recipes from Korea, Japan and China.  The décor is warm and inviting.  Enjoy the freshest sushi or taste the different styles of dim sum.  But make sure to leave room for the refreshing lychee sherbet.

Traditional Cuisine
Tucked in the corner of a quiet neighborhood is one of the best kept secrets for dining in Athens.  Tokafenio Restaurant is casual but proud of its heritage.  You’ll know it the minute you open the door and see the colors of the Greek flag displayed throughout.  But it’s also comfortable and friendly.  The owner greets you at the door and invites you to taste a glass of wine.  If you’re lucky to catch the sunset, you’ll marvel in the scenery.  Moussaka is one of the most popular dishes.  It’s a delectable layer of eggplant, ground meat and potato seasoned and prepared with a special sauce that  you won’t find better prepared anywhere else.

Tip:  Try the grilled chicken.  It’s another specialty of the house and among the entrees that keep the locals coming back a second time. 

One of the best tavernas for dining in Athens is Erato.  It sits in a picturesque area of the city and has beautiful outdoor seating.  In winter, tourists can enjoy the warmth of the fireplace.  There’s live music and great options on the menu.  Whatever you choose you can't go wrong.  From grape leaves to tzatziki (thick yoghurt flavored with garlic and cucumber) you’ll enjoy every mezede.  And from the list of main courses, whether you pick seafood or meat, you’ll be glad to have eaten here. 

Zorbas is another treasure for dining in Athens.  It opened its doors forty years ago and even today continues to serve excellent quality food.  Don’t miss lamb cooked in tomatoes or veal stew casserole - they’re both delectable dishes. 


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