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Athens, Greece

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Athens Overview

If you want to walk on the same grounds as the mythological Hercules, travel through centuries of history, see museum-quality jewelry and dine with a panoramic view of world-recognized icons, then you must visit Athens. 

Athens’s history began more than 3,000 years ago and during its “Golden Age” gave the world treasures of incalculable importance and beauty.  Because of its location, it became the capital of Greece.  The Athens of today is a major European metropolis with state of the art highways and metro lines, a new airport, railways and a port that serves as the gateway to the country. 

The new Athens is also home to major stadiums and sports centers, theaters and concert venues.  But still, the focal point of Athens is the historical center with the Acropolis and the gems that sit on it.  Among the most recognized of these icons is the Parthenon with its exemplary Doric style design.  And next to it is the Temple of Athena, built in honor of the goddess after whom the city was named.  Other neighborhoods in Athens offer tourists the opportunity to see unbelievable remnants of temples and archaeological sites. 

Athens is also the ideal place to visit outstanding museums.  Of the most famous is the National Archaeological Museum of Athens which houses a world class collection of antiquities both Greek and Egyptian.  The architecture of the building itself is Neoclassic, just like the National library.  They’re both beautiful sites and are admired by those keen on style and design.  

Those who love to shop will want to dedicate a temple to the gods of retail.  The selection of malls, markets and specialty shops in Athens is the envy of most large cities.  Wherever you find yourself you’ll always have wonderful shopping opportunities.  The area of Ermou for example, is ideal for buying trendy fashion and chic accessories.  And those with a literary inclination will find the number of book stores on Academias Street quite impressive.  Bargain hunters will fall in love with the flea market in Monastiraki where one can buy replicated Athens monuments and sports-wear in the same place. 

Not enough can be said of the jewelers in Athens.  They’re splendid venues where renowned crafters exhibit hand made pieces replicated from ancient Greek jewels.  You might have to look twice to make sure they’re not real museum artifacts.  They’re that good in quality.     
When it comes to Athens cuisine, travelers will find that there’s something to please every palate and every budget.  The gastronomy of Athens can be experienced at fancy restaurants, casual tavernas ouzeries or souvlaki shops.  Ouzeries are the Greek version of Spain’s tapas bars.  They’re ideal places for trying everything in small portions.  They all feature fresh produce, beef or lamb.  Along the port of Athens, visitors can enjoy a vast selection of seafood restaurants offering great food and magnificent vistas of the Saronic Gulf. 

Athens is not just a destination that will simply impress you.  It will absolutely mesmerize you. 


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