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Athens, Greece

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Athens Shopping

Tourists can buy quality clothing and footwear at good prices.  But if designer names are what you’re looking for when doing some Athens shopping, then the area of Kolonaki is the place to go.  It’s also the perfect place to find jewelry stores and more.  And at flea markets throughout the city, visitors can purchase everything from knick knacks to excellent replicas of artifacts and souvenirs. 

Shopping Center
To find everything under one roof, you won’t be disappointed with The Mall Athens.  It’s simply gigantic and features 200 shops selling trendy fashion, casual wear, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, house wares and music.  There are more than 20 restaurants so you can enjoy the day Athens shopping. 

Flea Markets
There are several smaller markets throughout the city but the most popular and largest for Athens shopping is the one at Monastiraki.  Visitors can purchase no name sports wear, copper pots and coffee grinders, spice mills, monument replicas and an array of gifts.  Everything is inexpensive but you’re still expected to haggle for a better price.

Looking for jewelry is part of the fun of Athens shopping.  Several stores have gained a reputation for their unique designs as well as for mastering the art of replicating ancient Greek pieces. 

Alexandros is one of these well known venues for Athens shopping.  For thirty years it has mesmerized shoppers with the quality of its work.  The owner apprenticed under renowned artisans and soon thereafter opened his own atelier-shop.  Take time to browse through the showroom.  You’ll think that you’re looking through finds of an archaeological dig.

A most famous icon of Athens shopping is LaLaoUnis.  It’s the best known in Greece and throughout the world.  Master craftsmen have taken cues from nature and antique Greek pieces to create one-of-a-kind items.  Some of these are such perfect duplicates that one could easily mistake them for museum exhibits.

Specialty Shops
For visitors who enjoy buying mementos from a trip and want the finest in souvenirs, Ekonomeas Gallery is ideal.  It’s unique in that it only stocks quality copies of ancient artifacts. 

Tip:  Don’t miss the shop’s selection of Mycenean Art or the clay boxes inlaid with beautiful designs.  The boxes usually hold a surprise inside.  

The Center of Hellenic Tradition is another great location for Athens shopping.  It showcases exquisite handicrafts, weavings, embroideries, folk dance costumes and old paintings.  You may even find a nice replica of the Parthenon. 

And if you enjoy hand made embroideries, you won’t find better quality or more original creations than at Diplous Pelekys.  For generations, the women in the family have worked hard at making out-of-the ordinary pillow covers, bed linens and women’s blouses. 

But if you’re looking to buy that perfect outfit to enjoy a night on the town, head out to Me Me Me.  The walls are crammed with trendy merchandise, but you have to be patient to find something you like.  And after you do, you can go through the cases of accessories and elegant footwear.  It’s a fun place for Athens shopping. 


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